'Beyond: Two Souls' Videogame Offers New Level of Interaction | WSJ

IF YOU'RE NOT into shooting aliens or crashing expensive cars, it can seem like the videogame industry has little to offer you.

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Stsonic1297d ago

this game is incredible

OrangePowerz1297d ago

The reviews are very mixed, but I enjoy the game quite a lot. I would prefer playing the chapters in chronological order tough.

Lord_Sloth1297d ago (Edited 1297d ago )

So I guess they aren't organized by time in the game?

Pintheshadows1297d ago

It jumps back and forth alot but I actually think it works unlike alot of publications that have criticised its execution.

OrangePowerz1297d ago

@Lord It does

@pint That's true it's not as bad as some of the media claimed. The loading acreen makes it clear at what point in the story you are.

tigertron1297d ago

The only thing I don't like about the game is that the chapters aren't in chronological order as OrangePowerz said. Other than that I think this game is incredible.

I really feel for QD and the negative reviews they've had. I'm tempted to write them a letter of thanks.

SactoGamer1297d ago

Neither were Pulp Fiction's, by the way.