Homebrew SNES emulator released for the Wii

A hacker named RobertFC has ported SNES9X to Nintendo's money maker, and it even includes support for the Wiimote, Classic controller, and two-player game modes.

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G4drake3888d ago

I GUESS I DON,T NEED TO SPEND WII POINTs(well i don,t none anyway)

Kakkoii3888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

For people who don't know...


IF YOU OWN! "Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess". Which I'm sure 95% of Wii owners do have lol.


You just need to download the hacked Zelda save. And replace the save file you have on your Wii with it.

2.) Then you download Mag Loader>

Extract it into the root of your SD Card. And rename "magloader.elf" to "boot.elf"
Create an empty folder named "elf" also.

3.) Download a Wii homebrew, such as this SNES emulator. Extract it's contents into the "elf" folder on your SD Card.

4.) Pop that SD card into your Wii. Play Zelda and load the hacked save file, Then walk backwards. Mag Loader will start up. Press A,
It will then show a list of homebrew files you have on your SD card.

Then you just choose which ".ELF" homebrew file you want to load and click A. And that homebrew will load :).

Viola! You just did homebrew on your Wii without a modchip or that lame Gecko GC Slot loader.

poopsack3887d ago

thanks man! Ill try this later but im too busy with MGO! Gotta Log In!

searchdestroy3887d ago


Thanks a lot for your description. I'd tried this a couple of times, but I wasn't able to get it to work until I read your instructions. Good looking out!

One question: Were you able to use save states for your roms without using an SD Gecko? I'm just using the normal SD Slot on my Wii and I couldn't figure out how to save a game. Do I need to make special folders on the SD cards first to hold the saves?

Thanks again!

Kakkoii3887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

At the page that this story leads to. Other people also asked about this. The solution posted was.

"Try changing it from SD to MCard in the SRAM menu... Then changing the thing below it to Front SD."

And yes, You create a saves folder.

nbsmatambo3887d ago

i was getting a little confused on how to do it, but ur mini guide cleared it up =)

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iamtehpwn3887d ago

Wii is the new PSP.
However, I'm just waiting for Nintendo to send out a firmware update to kill our fun, or worse, our wii's.

nbsmatambo3887d ago

try but they will never get rid of it

Exorgasm3887d ago

I might have to use my Wii more than once a month now.

kewlkat0073887d ago

when I have some time....

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