Why Call of Duty: Ghosts Will Be The Best FPS Ever

4 reasons why CoD: Ghosts will be the best shooter ever.

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Majin-vegeta1861d ago (Edited 1861d ago )

Maybe OP should learn how to use a server browser....

@OP Educate yourself.

steves11261861d ago

Yeah the search is loaded with crap and I should have the option to quick search for a DICE server. Just streamline it....

PsylentKiller1861d ago

I had every Call of Duty since the very first one and I wasn't a fan of BF until Bf3. Although, I loved modern combat. But This article is obviously written by a CoD fanboy. While there are some problems with Battlefield and its servers, it is still a great game as well as CoD. No vehicles makes CoD better? Small maps make it better? Battlefield has small maps with no vehicles at all. However, CoD has the potential for vehicles on every map. And walk for 10 minutes only to get killed and do it all over again? Not likely. Get your butt in a truck and drive somewhere. Or walk towards the battle, not away from it. How about getting spawn killed often or getting dominated by a kill streak because you don't have the right perks or weapons equipped in any of your classes. BF4 encourages cooperation. Keep a vehicle in your line of site using your tagging device thingy (don't know what it's called) and a teammate can lock on to it with an RPG. In Cod, you could call out to a teammate where the chopper is but if he don't have a headset it wont matter. And if he does, hopefully he's invisible to kill streaks so he'll have time to take it down. Oh, and 64 player matches vs. 18 players. BF4 needs vehicles and large maps. CoD can't survive with large maps.

ssj271861d ago (Edited 1861d ago )

Obviously COD is a very unbalanced game.
It gives the edge and a very unfair power to the players that do good "get the most kills" to be " unstoppable "

BF is not far behind, those who have been playing the game for longer have better equipments and that is a huge advantage. Is like those pay to win games, but more like play to win! COD has the same unbalance design.

Gladly KZSF does not.. KZSF seem to give extra perks to those who work for it doing some "task" which will make you weak(since you have to play dif on each match but you lose those perks if you get disconnected. But that the only unbalanced I have seen and it may not be a advantage, who knows .. we have to wait and see

MR123_C1861d ago

What a terrible article. COD fan boy. 1.There is absolutly no chance ghosts is going to outsell gta v it has already brocken seven world records. 2. There's a reason it can run at 60fps because the simplicity of the graphics. 3. You do not have to pay $1.50 to play on bf servers you can play on DICE servers. 4. Iv never gone 10 minuets without finding any action on bf???

mfletch5121861d ago

1) ghosts will also be available on PC at launch
2) Next gen COD has very much improved graphics... and BF graphics are approximately the same or worse depending on the area
3) You DO have to pay if you want a private lobby.
4) You can go 10 minutes trying to run from the starting camp to B in Conquest on Operation Firestorm....... and thats not even guaranteeing you will see someone there!

MR123_C1861d ago

1) is it that difficult for ghosts to be available at launch. 2) ghosts slightly improved graphics, bf dosnt really need to improve much cause it looked beautiful already. 3) I didn't see anything in the artical mentioning private servers. 4) your exaggerating saying ten minuets. Three tops.

Droid Control1861d ago

Nothing will ever beat HL2. Well, maybe HL3...

Viking_Socrates1861d ago (Edited 1861d ago )

I highly doubt that COD: Ghost will be as memorable as anything like Half life, Halo:CE, or counter strike. Sure it will sell well but it's not going to be remembered or praised for very long.

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