Handhelds rule gaming

From the article, "Gamers these days get divided into a lot of different groups: casual, hardcore, console, PC, etc. One category you don’t often hear is “handheld”. Handheld gaming tends to be seen as a sort of amusing spinoff of gaming. It’s something you do on a lunch break, or sitting in a waiting room. In the endless “console wars”, or the “consoles VS Gabe’s Legion” debate, dedicated handhelds get a bit lost in the shuffle."

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GraveLord1887d ago

Only in Japan.
Console Gaming rules in the US.

Mobile beats both.

snitch_puck1887d ago

not that I'm judging you but why do you only have one bubble. 0_0

thehobbyist1887d ago

Because the comments he makes have been judged by the commenters of N4G as really stupid.

Sly-Lupin1886d ago

Bubbles are based on popularity. Maybe he said some stupid stuff. Maybe he just pissed a bunch of fanboys off.

It's real easy. Just go to a an article about the WiiU or Vita and criticize Nintendo or Sony and watch those disagrees pile pile up and bubbles diminish.

HighResHero1886d ago

see the last 2 lines.
i have a nice phone but do not consider it a gaming device like i do my new vita which im typing this on.
im going to get a ps plus card and buy some games as well.
i love this thing. :]

thehobbyist1887d ago

What a joke. Mobile will never beat either. Considering the 3ds' sales, console interest being at an all time high and mobile devices having shit hardware I'd have to say your comment goes beyond the bottom of the bucket for attention.

darthv721887d ago

If by "mobile will never beat either" means in terms of the quality of the titles then i would agree.

In regards to overall sales of the platform...mobility beats both by a really large margin because of the convenience it represents.

And mobility is not limited to one platform (ie iphone, droid...) mobility represents the totality of the platform in general.

Practically everyone from 8-80 has a mobile device these days. that is a generalization and not a factual number.

GdaTyler1886d ago

So that'll mean Vita TV will succeed in the US?