Could Kara Feature in a Future Quantic Dream Game?

Clickonline writes: "ow that Beyond: Two Souls is out in the wild (you can read our review here) it's clear neither Curry nor Kara have any part to play in Quantic's latest game. And when we got the chance to catch up with co-CEO and producer Guillaume de Fondaumiere we just had to ask why."

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HelpfulGamer1887d ago

There's demand for lead Female Character. Plus Kara is an Android, immense customization would be wonderful.

konnerbllb1887d ago

Yes but it would have to be a game and not a QTE interactive movie.

CGI-Quality1887d ago (Edited 1887d ago )

Thanks for the input, Jeff.

OT: An entire game with a Kara style story, and Quantic Dream's flavor, would be something I'd play without a second thought! I think with enough demand, Cage and team would look into it!

mike32UK1887d ago

@CGI Uncharted 2 quote? Haha love it!

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steve30x1887d ago

That KARA demonstration would make a great film.

maniacmayhem1887d ago

That whole presentation reminded me of Milo. It kind of almost went down like that too. A tech demo that never got the greenlight.

CGI-Quality1887d ago

Nobody said otherwise. Did even read the article?

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