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The Best and Worst Selfies in Grand Theft Auto 5

Gameranx: "Los Santos citizens want to show themselves to the world in some very interesting situations." (Grand Theft Auto V, PS3, Xbox 360)

guitarded77  +   340d ago
QUESTION: Is there a way to share pics taken with the phone/camera? I haven't quite figured it out yet. Does it just share to Social Club or something? I want to direct share to Facebook and Twitter.

NEW TOPIC: Man, I with the current gen consoles had the video sharing the next-gen are getting. I would have already filled up my hard drive with dumb-ass videos from GTAV. Had the most insane wreck last night, and all I could do was think of what a shame it was that nobody else got to see it.
MysticStrummer  +   339d ago
"Had the most insane wreck last night, and all I could do was think of what a shame it was that nobody else got to see it."

Yeah GTA is the poster child for video sharing. I've had so many moments I wished I could share or just watch again by myself.

One that leaps to mind... I was on my way somewhere toward the end of the story, and I accidentally clipped a Lost biker while fishtailing onto the highway. This made all his biker buddies chase me. There was a group of slow moving vehicles crossing a bridge. I tried to swerve around them but hit the back bumper of a truck, which made me slow waaay down. One of the bikers ran into the back of my car. The bike stopped, but the rider flew over my car and off the side of the bridge, scream fading as he fell out of sight into the water below.
guitarded77  +   339d ago

UPDATE: I ended up getting the answer to my question. Hadn't checked out the Social Club yet. You can share to Facebook and Twitter from there. Wish you could do it from the in game phone.
Bradicas  +   340d ago
Haha #13 is mine it's taken off reddit, and yes you get your pics from the social club.
Lord_Sloth  +   339d ago
I have a selfie of my car parked over Jimmy. I felt so fulfilled when I did that...
j-blaze  +   339d ago
disgusting game
Lykon  +   339d ago
lol jiggaboos and rap and crime ...ooking and eeking it is disgusting... but it plays well
Lord_Sloth  +   339d ago
Would you elaborate?

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