Gaming's Guilty Pleasures: Demo Whoring

It's an interesting issue. With the PS3, the Wii, and the 360, gamers now have at their fingertips really fantastic games at the push of a button. Instead of having to go out and about to pick up games, they can just keep sitting on their asses and have new gameplay experiences at any time. It's great.

However, Destructoid have discovered an interesting, and slightly subversive, situation brewing. You could call it demo whoring. With the 360 and the PS3, all arcade games, and many retail games, have relatively small files that allow gamers to get a taste of the gaming experience. Most people would use this as a time to test out the game, like it-or-hate-it, then make a buying decision. Like cocaine. The first time it's free, after that it's gonna cost you.

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that was a funny read