Xbox 360 Holiday Value Bundles Announced By Microsoft

Microsoft has announced three new Xbox 360 bundles which will be available this holiday season. Dubbed as Xbox 360 Holiday Value Bundles, no release date has been announced although the bundles themselves have been detailed. Two of the bundles will be available for $299.99 whereas the third bundle will be available for $399.99. In addition to these bundles, U.S customers can waive off $50 from the available bundles for a limited time only; starting from October 13 and running all the way through till January 4 2014.

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Nabbic1888d ago

Why would you bother with the 360 when there's no new exclusives coming out for it?
Mine's just collecting dust, I'm seriously considering selling it.

Wikkid6661888d ago

Thousands of titles in the back catalog... and many great 3rd party to come.

FamilyGuy1888d ago

Screw that, what the hell is up with this pricing? I was expecting some $150 bundles, lol @ $399 with a $399 PS4 breathing on its neck.

Wikkid6661887d ago

The strategy with the 360 was really never to go below that price level. What they have always done is the bundles.

Pricing it too low would also only compete against Xbox One.

Gamer6661888d ago

World of Tanks? Fable Anniversary?

Are they not console exclusives?

malokevi1888d ago (Edited 1888d ago )

Also Warface, which is basically the reason I'm keeping my 360 plugged in. Oh yeah, and GTA :D

although I'm really hoping that they announce Warface for next gen consoles eventually.

darthv721888d ago

buying a system isnt just about exclusives. its about the totality of the platform. There are loads of games released past and present that are worth playing.

Perhaps those buying one are looking at it from that perspective? the same holds true for the PS3 and even....the wii.

Believe it or not but there are consumers who have yet to buy into even the current gen of systems.

Captain Qwark 91888d ago

this is arguably the most intelligent thing ive ever seen said on this site. for me it comes down to...

1. games ( exclusive or not is irrelevant, most of my favs are third party titles. )

2. controller

3. UI

since my favs are third party, my fav controller is the 360s and i also think 360 has the best UI, obviously ive stuck with the 360 as my primary this gen. i did get a ps3 though after about a year into its life cycle and that was strictly for the exclusives but when i think my main system, i take everything into account not just games

MajorAly1888d ago


Also Xbox One and PS4 both don't support backwards compatibility on a hardware level, for PS4 we do know that there's Gaikai, for Xbox One, MS did show off Halo 4 running on a Windows Phone using Azure.

This current gen has a lot of games, a good backlog, so you can either buy the console now as bundles or not, or you can wait for backwards compatibility service later for next-gen consoles OR you can play multi-platform games which are also available on PC.

Chevalier1887d ago

Based on price though which is a big point for a lot of people I don't understand MS pricing. Weren't the newest 360 slims cheap to produce? Why aren't they pricing it accordingly?

$299.99 and $399.99 xbox 360 bundle versus 500 gb ps3 with GTA V bundled for $269.99?

Brix901888d ago

Only reason I'm keeping mine is so that I can play Titanfall.

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boneso821888d ago (Edited 1888d ago )

Xbox 360 = $399.99
PS4 = $399.99... Huh?

So you can buy a 250gb Xbox 360 with Kinect 1.0 and a couple of games this holiday season for the same price as a brand new Playstation 4, which comes with at least 4 free games to download straight away. Bargain! I can see it now...

Xmas morning, little tommy opens his main present, "oh, a PS4?, but mummy, daddy, I wanted an Xbox 360!"... Lol right? Lets flip it...

Xmas morning, little tommy opens his main present, "oh, an Xbox 360?". Mummy says "yes, it was either that or a PS4, they were both the same price and I know you already have a playstation so you don't want another one right?!"... Little tommy is sad, very very sad... Poor little guy cries himself to sleep every night until next Christmas when he opens his main present "oh, an Xbox one?... NNNNNNOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH!". .. Goes upstairs to grab daddy's shotgun...

darthv721888d ago

I need to get me one of these newer model 360's. I love collecting variants and i have all the previous designs but this new one.

Wikkid6661888d ago

I have 360e... at first I didn't care for the look of it compared the 360s, but now I think it's by far better looking.

Bill_Willson_CIA1888d ago (Edited 1888d ago )

Some people think 360 will surpass the ps3 this holidays,but i disagree. Sony is releasing lot of AAA exclusives,multiplatforms and indies of all genres for ps3 this year, and have other games anounced for 2014. On the other hand,the only AAA exclusive 360 had this year was GOW:J and the only good AAA game anounced for 2014 was Fable HD.

dazzrazz1888d ago

$100 more and you can get yourself a PS4 why would anybody wanna waste money on Microsoft 0_o

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