Harrison: Cloud to offer Xbox One 'performance increases' over time

The power of the cloud will let Microsoft increase the performance of Xbox One throughout the course of its life cycle, corporate vice president Phil Harrison has revealed.

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AlexanderNevermind1894d ago (Edited 1894d ago )

@Irish Guy,
Yeah, As it stands the PS4 is the lead console for next Gen for me. If MS can make these cloud predictions come true then the X1 may be worth picking up later down the road.

P0werVR1894d ago (Edited 1894d ago )

Truly next gen. The least the way Microsoft is going to implement it.


Wow! Thumbs down. Well, I never live off the opinion of the next person. I've done fairly well so far. Folks wanted next gen, well it doesn't get more next gen than this.

abzdine1894d ago

they keep talking and talking... where are the proofs? words cannot be used for anything nowadays

Pogmathoin1894d ago

Power, the thumbs down are because you said Microsoft, automatic fanboy instinct to thumb that down when they see that word.

Oh shit, I thumbed myself down!!

denawayne1894d ago

Here comes all the Sony fanboys to justify their purchase

MysticStrummer1894d ago

"Folks wanted next gen, well it doesn't get more next gen than this."

I guess, if "next gen" means "features we hope to implement over time that will only make a difference to those with the very fastest internet connections, if they work at all, which some tech oriented people in the industry have said is highly doubtful."

NatureOfLogic1894d ago

I don't blame them. I mean you have to say something when you have the all around inferior console at a higher price.

P0werVR1894d ago (Edited 1894d ago )


Who says internet connection is NOT going to get better. The demand is growing due to more industries pretty much going digital, and certain companies are answering that call.

The growth in Data Centers and devices being more relevant for digital services are inevitable, so is the rise of internet connection. I like to be a "told ya so" guy, and it wouldn't surprise me when this actually turns very well.

This is no gimmick fellas, this is progress. Because anything within a closed box will not go further until decades from now. But with a prevalent network that runs systems through your connection, now we're talking advanced AI, gameplay and graphics.

GameNameFame1893d ago

Sony has Gaikai and Openstack. so not really an advantage..

P0werVR1893d ago


LOL! OpenStack?!....ppfftt!

TomShoe1893d ago

Say it with me:


But in all serious. This odds of this is doubtful at best.

mewhy321893d ago

The PS4 is the most powerful console ever conceived. It remains to be seen if the cloud can even work the way micro$oft says. You never know how long it'll be before you get a micro$oft 180 so there may be one on this too. and they can't make all the games require the cloud because there are people that won't be connected. Yeah, I'm sure that's at least one of the reasons that micro$oft wanted to have the always on requirement. Now that's not happening and they're grasping for anything that makes the bone look less inferior that it already does.

coopman3001893d ago

^ pfft my pc makes the ps4 its bitch. Why are console gamers all of a sudden spec happy. Graphics dont make the game, just look at minecraft, doesnt look great but its an awesome game. Personally im goin with xb1 because theyre actually looking to the future instead of staying in the past.

johndoe112111893d ago

For Christ's sake, are going back there again microsoft?

miyamoto1893d ago

LOL! Like the cloud is new news...Uncharted 2 for PS3 has been using the cloud for graphics enhancement since 2009.
And its current gen.

And M$ brags about this old technology to give their next box some life support? ha!

Its so obvious M$ is caught its pants down.

UltimateMaster1893d ago (Edited 1893d ago )

Well, the only thing Microsoft showed off is that Halo 4 can be played on a smart phone.
I'm pretty sure there are Smart Phone today who's hardware is superior to the Xbox 360.
I need more proof than smokes and mirrors.

Edit: There are, some of them with 8-core processors.

Yeah, Sony will stream PS3 games on Smart phones.

vigilante_man1893d ago

Stop! Microsoft, please Stop!

Have they not learned anything these past few months? Stop talking about the XB1 lack of graphics power. All it does is highlight the weaknesses.

Just concentrate on games and other functions that Kinnect 2 brings. Be positive about what you have. Stop the BS about something you do not have as of yet.

Hey, if down the line (4-6 years) the cloud can add something then all well and good but for now it ain't happening.

SkyGamer1893d ago

Just cause you have better specs doesn't mean your machine is faster. How come the new iPhone 5s with 1 GB ram and dual core processor beat out a quad core and 2 GB ram on the s4?

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gaelic_laoch1894d ago (Edited 1894d ago )

How much time!!!

Tic Toc (that will be the sound of peoples patience running out while the cloud dissipates like a damp fart)


That will be my last comment on N4G. To all those that Debubble and Downvote anyone whom shows any sort of a sense of humor may ye rejoice in your own grey version of Gaming Nirvana. Namaste

Enjoy your Xbox Ones and PS4's :)

SniperControl1894d ago

Dont go dude, your sense of humor is well appreciated by loads of peeps on here.

Dont let the trolls get you down man.

gameonbro1894d ago

man if your life evolves around bubbles and agrees i feel sorry for you. i get banned they pop my bubbles and its meaningless to me. i know most of them are whinny little girls getting pimped by these companies.

i.e. unpaid whores

Boody-Bandit1893d ago (Edited 1893d ago )

Wow he actually closed the account. Bummer. I could care less about agrees, disagrees, bubbles added or taken away. I say what I mean and mean what I say. I give my opinion without bias but that of a person that has been gaming since it's inception and I have never stopped enjoying this hobby. Screw the fanboys amd the haters. They exist on every facet of the internet. Just ignore them.

So create a new account and get your ass back on here.

UnHoly_One1893d ago

Your last post ever?

You just brightened my day.

shahab911893d ago

Hey come back bro =)

A little humor is nothing bad.

Magicite1893d ago

I actually liked Your comments.

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Blaze9291894d ago

I love how this guy, Phil Harrison was so respected when he was at sony. But now that he's with Microsoft it's ALL LIES! smh everyone saying we'll see doesn't even intend to purchase an Xbox One.

I don't see how there can be so much negativity about something that is meant to IMPROVE your game. Whether true or not.

BlackTar1871894d ago

Hey Blaze I intend to buy the xone. And my current stance is "We'll See" isn't nice when you just say stuff without any real proof of knowing at all?

We'll See.... The best part is when xbox started the cloud nonsense the fans sucked it up like the roadblocks were not there. Now a month before release its a Performance over time.

They have yet to show any advantage and yet they used it as a hype starter for the console. Like 4D gaming or whatever from sony last gen. It's just stupid.

Blaze9291894d ago (Edited 1894d ago )

@BlackTar187 proof? What is this a court of law. Look right below you at the #2 comment. Its literally right below you. Please, lets stop acting oblivious to things around here

BlackTar1871893d ago

is this a court of law? Uhh no. But if thats the logic you're gonna use to defend this fluff talk then i guess they could say anything with that logic.
"I don't see how there can be so much negativity about something that is meant to IMPROVE your game. Whether true or not."

Umm because saying something just to get people excited is not a good way to do business. It's like the presidential candidates who promise stuff they never follow thru on when elected.

The difference is i think MS will follow thru with it at some point but that it's nto anywhere near that stage yet and they won't be exclusive to it. They are selling you and idea and in your own comment you are the fish eating the bait. With lines like even if its true or not.<<<<<<&l t; this is so terrible btw.

Whats right below me? Someone saying that he's a lier? You made a blanket statement and i proved in my first sentence your blanket statement was complete BS. Im not sure what your point is other then to say


maniacmayhem1893d ago (Edited 1893d ago )

The funny thing is what console shows everything at launch?

Some of the best looking and best games were well into the Xbox and PS3's life cycle.

This cloud performance will only grow over time. Just like all technologies and new products. I find it very puzzling that certain groups on here demand that they be shown NOW what the power of this cloud can do.

If you don't believe it then don't believe it but why wouldn't you? The technology is there, it isn't some sci-fi fantasy work of fiction.

It is really ridiculous what a lot of people expect. Especially gamers, we all just went through a generation, we all had first hand experience how consoles grow over time and how production works. And yet some of you still act as if you're noobs to it all.


So what should MS say....NOTHING? The most hilarious part is anything that MS says that talks up their system is "PR TALK".

Lord forbid that MS is trying to talk up a product to their fan base or gain interest to people on the fence about a Xbox One.

No, to do that means evil "PR" talk. There's no bait, there's no lies and even if as you say another company will be able to do it, MS is saying they can do it right now.

Where is the problem in that? And because their fans are excited for it, this makes them some sort of sheep? This makes them some kind of slave, speaking in slave talk as tried in your sarcasm comment above?

Damned if you do and damned if you don't for MS nowadays.

If they don't talk about their product their being secretive and sneaky, if they do, they're bullshi##ing or it's all PR talk. I guess their just isn't a medium.

Imalwaysright1893d ago (Edited 1893d ago )

Seriously? Why wouldn't we believe what MS PR is saying? You guys desserve to be lied to. False advertisement is a common practice in this industry. Anything that a PR (from ANY company in this industry) says should be taken with a grain of salt.

buynit1893d ago

Blaze dont bother... its an endless circle with fanatics all they want is proof right now and completley disregard the fact that its new tech that ms is clearly trying to make happen but I guess thats a bad thing cause then eveeyone will be so concerned about everyone elses internet..

solidboss071893d ago

I loved my PS3, but Phil Harrison was full of Shite when he was at Sony.
'I don't believe any developers will ever fully utilise the power of the PlayStation 3' and other bullshit statements mean that XBoners are welcome to his lies.
Don't get me wrong, the games on PS3 prove how good it was, but he went too far.

Drekken1893d ago

@Blacktar - Why bother trying to rationalize with people that are obviously never going to see it your way? Blaze is a MS shill, always has been, always will be.

Phil Harrison was always full of it. Rumble is a last gen feature.

DragonKnight1893d ago

@Blaze929: Phil Harrison is called a liar not for who he is or who he works for, but for what he's saying. He's been a big problem for MS PR since the Xbone reveal and the DRM debacle and now he's just spouting off more PR buzzwords that no one but Microsoft and the most blind fanboys believe.

People aren't showing negativity about the improvement of games, they're showing negativity about B.S. which is what Cloud Power is.

@maniac: Microsoft have been and are continuing to use Cloud Power as a PRESENT selling point, not a FUTURE selling point. They've made ridiculous claims about Cloud Power from the very start, with things like "Cloud Power will turn one Xbox One into 3 Xbox Ones" so people are rightly telling them to put up or shut up.

This isn't the first time claims like this have been made only to never actually happen. Blast processing, Toy Story Graphics, 4D 120FPS gaming. Gaming's history is littered with outlandish promises like that and Cloud Power is just another to put on the pile.

BlackTar1871893d ago


So what should MS say....NOTHING? The most hilarious part is anything that MS says that talks up their system is "PR TALK".

They could say something like. At this current time Cloud isn't a practical application we feel comfortable promoting as a selling point for our console. It is a natural step into the future but the infrastructure isn't there yet.

other companies will be able to do this too and they arn't selling you the idea of something that is just not feesable to 90% of the pop. for at least another 3-5yrs.

Fans are excited about a feature with no proof sold on the idea that it's something they are really close to putting out on a grand scale. Which if they were i would hope for some sort of tangiable look at this technology by now a month before release.

The thing about cloud is MS does not have a secret sauce to it. What they have is heavily documented in cloud workbooks and journals.

being able to do something internally int he best possible environment is a long shot to being able to do something on a mass publicscale.

Now with games at least with games being annouced years before release you have the frame work and infrastructure in place to do so. Its hardly reliant on a global issue with not having things in place. You have the system in which it doesn't get upgraded etc. The cloud is an idea based on paper and perfect enviroments.

Anyways i don't care that much but you don't promote your system with something that theoretically is possible but at least 3-5 yrs off. If the cloud came out statewide on xbox in 7yrs i wouldn't be surprised. They have alot of things they need to bank on which are out of MS control and funding.

QuickdrawMcgraw1893d ago

It's really very simple.If you would like a Xbox1, but did not like the way MS supported the 360 and for whatever your reason don't trust or like how MS launch has gone to date.Wait for a few years.If all or most of what they are promising comes true.Like exclusive during it's life span and not just at launch.Then buy one.See how easy that is.

maniacmayhem1893d ago

@ Blacktar

"They could say something like. At this current time Cloud isn't a practical application we feel comfortable promoting as a selling point for our console. It is a natural step into the future but the infrastructure isn't there yet."

C'mon Blactar...let's be serious with one another. We have both been on planet Earth long enough to know that NO company when hyping their NEW, shiny product to the public says anything of the sort that makes it sound like it's mot ready or might have some sort of limitation.

This is what I mean by being ridiculous and expecting too much from one company.

You keep saying that there's no proof of the tech just because you yourself have not seen it. So just because you haven't seen it, it means it isn't there and it's not true?

Maybe no proof has been shown because the launch games being developed for the X1 could not make use of it due to the games starting production two or three yeas ago, when specs and other aspects of the X1 console was still being thought out by MS.

"Fans are excited about a feature with no proof..."

Again, why can't fans be excited for this? Where is the problem in this? Fans are excited because they have something to look forward to in the future for games on the Xbox One. Is this wrong?

We have had many devs under MS say the cloud can be used for these functions and everytime a developer on N4G dismisses it just because they "work" for MS or they are accused of PR talk.

Have doubts if you want, I have no problems with that. But don't condemn fans or anyone else that may look forward to this for the X1 games.

"...and Cloud Power is just another to put on the pile."

Yes, outlandish claims have been made. But you forget all that was said was AFTER the fact. These claims were called out after a given time. There is no proof as of right now that this Cloud Power can't work.

So you are basically lumping something that hasn't been established yet into a category that has.

What happens IF the cloud does turn the X1 into three X1's or whatever. What then? You all claim there's no proof, but where's the proof that it can't do what MS claims?

christocolus1893d ago


you are right..its how they hated hideo kojima for announcing mgs5 for xbx one at e3 and how insomniac is now crap cos they developing sunset overdrive for xbx one...whinny lil kids..phil stated the power of the cloud and so what?you got some info on what ms is working on that phil doesnt know?if you do then pls share with us. you sony fans are the most pathetic whinny bunch i know..i own a ps 1 to ps3 and wil get a ps4 later but its difficult to say i am a fan when you act like this on every website...i aint saying xbx fans aint as pathetic at times but its too common with sony fanboys..most of their comments are either so immature,hold no weight,insults or just plain stupid and now the world is realising this too with the toys r us video issue..podcasts from some sites including joystiq have actualy began making references to how immature ps fans are too..its terrible..if its not sony then its guys need a time out...smh.

MRMagoo1231893d ago

see what i mean about blazes comments , anything this guy ever says is nothing about the topic all he does is try to point out hypocrites, yet he never tries to point out the 50 or so xboners that do the exact same thing daily.

rainslacker1893d ago


I personally don't need MS to show me a full working application of the technology. A working concept is all I ask. They've made a big deal about the cloud enhancing games, so I don't think it's unfair to ask for proof. If they had proof, they would have shown it by now. It would shut up the naysayers pretty damn quick.

What MS has is a concept that is sound in theory. However, it comes up lacking in terms of practical implementation. They have been called out on it by numerous tech sites and experts in the field. Even if you are only partially technically minded, it sounds dubious based on our current experience with the internet.

NVidia showed a working concept of what MS is proposing. One of the foremost leaders in graphics technology, and a leader in cloud technology, when publishing the video said quite clearly it was still very early in development. The resources used to pull it off on the server side were quite hefty for just 50 users, now imagine getting it to 10-20 million users and you see that 300K "dedicated" servers are not going to be up to the task.

The technology itself is a huge money sink for MS. They either plan to charge publishers to use the technology, which means publishers won't pay for it, or they plan on charging the end user for it. They aren't going to graciously give it to everyone for a $10-15 royalty per game. It cuts into their bottom line, and makes no sense from a financial perspective.

In the future the technology itself will improve, and become cheaper. However technology, and graphics tend to improve exponentially and concurrently. Harrison says "performance increases over time", and that is the natural order for all things computer related. Doesn't mean that performance will get to the end user and here's why.

Over time, SOME internet is going to get better, but at no point should people delude themselves into believing that in 2-7 years time a majority of gamers(or even a substantial number) are going to be on super fast connections with minimal lag. The ISP's, at least here in the US, aren't going to offer that service cheap. And in all things we are at the mercy of the telephone company and the cable companies when it comes to when they will allow us to have these kinds of speeds and services. They aren't even done upgrading their current infrastructure after almost a decade of starting. Their top tier services that would even come close to being able to handle this bandwidth are extremely expensive for the end user. How anyone can be so naive to believe they will just start over and do it all again within the next consoles life span is beyond me.

Asynchronous computing is nothing new. It's been around for a very long time. But if MS is going to make promises on something of this nature, and use it as a MAIN SELLING POINT of the system before it's even launch, I believe that they should provide proof. People go on and on about how Sony makes promises that it never keeps, but seem quite content to accept a promise from MS at face value. Tell me, at what point in MS history have they ever made a promise that panned out without a complete re-release of a whole new product that finally achieved what they said it least partially? At what point did they just offer that re-released product that they sold the first time on those promises for free, instead of charging the end user for it? Please tell me, because I can't think of one single time that has happened.

The day MS comes out and actually makes this happen is the day I will say, "Good job MS, I'm impressed". Until then, I will remain skeptical.

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Infamous2981893d ago

OMG microsoft, show a us a proof then talk.

DeadManIV1893d ago

Even if this is true, Sony has Clouds too (open stack and gaikai)

Blackdeath_6631893d ago

streaming stuff via the cloud is not the same as gaining processing power via the cloud which, as far as i am aware, has not been done before and for obvious reasons its just not feasible.

Blackdeath_6631893d ago

indeed there is no working example of it and the concept is flawed. making it work is a monumental task which is probably not worth the trouble. would have been much easier to make a more powerful console from the get go and more convenient since it would work even when the cloud servers are down. again we will see but nothing about using the cloud to gain processing power makes any sense.

rainslacker1893d ago

NVidia had a working concept of the technology a while back. It required a pretty hefty cloud server equipped with a pretty hefty GPU unit to make work. It worked on somewhat below average lag rates for 50 concurrent users. At the time NVidia said that the idea is still in the very early stages, and there were many issues that needed to be worked out.

Now, while I think the concept is sound in theory, I am finding it hard to imagine on a scale of the number of users for a console. Think about when any new game gets released. The online portion of popular games is bombarded with a high number of users and things slow down, or simply stop working. The same thing will happen here, yet be exponentially worse because it will be always happening, and will be worse for new popular games.

The amount of resources required to make this work on the scale of millions of concurrent users is huge. The amount of bandwidth required to make this work for millions of concurrent users is massive. Who's going to pay for that? Not MS for sure. They already have your money off the game license fee they charge teh publisher, and the people that brought the console in the first place. As the install base for the system grows, so does the amount of money required to make all this work. If it works and becomes popular, the number of games that will use it increases. MS is looking at huge exponential increases in server resources just to make marginal graphics enhancements to the games released on it's system. It makes no sense, and in all this you can even disregard the whole idea of if it will even work in the first place.

Magicite1893d ago

always online over time confirmed

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pyramidshead1894d ago

Disclaimer** For all those who have reliable and stable internet connections.

kingdip901894d ago

Yeah right, I get to pay a monthly bill for stable high speed internet, pay for xbox live (even if I don't play online) on top of the price for the console and its games just so I can play a game as pretty as its advertised.... I have an extra 40-50 bucks a month to game but not an additional 40-50 bucks to stay online and pay for live...

Xbox is to costly

n4rc1894d ago

Games price hasn't changed.. Either has gold or my internet package

Why is it an issue all of a sudden?

Hufandpuf1894d ago

Hows that different from the PS4?

BallsEye1894d ago

Sucks for you wherever you live. In my country I got 200 mbps symetrical (upload/download both 200) for 15 usd after conversion...and I live currently in a small town. Yo america, catch up with the internet, will you!?

kingdip901894d ago (Edited 1894d ago )


Its different because the ps4 doesn't assume its consumer base are well kinected to the internet and doesn't expect me to pay for the internet and ps+ just to play my games looking as well as they are advertised to look. With ps4 I can keep playing my single player games offline looking as good and playing as well as it says on tv without feeling like I'm playing a 2nd rate version of the game just because I don't have internet.


I can afford games and a system NOT gold and an internet package on top, I have extra money for one of the luxuries not both and I want a system that doesn't punish me for that.

That's always been an issue

Death1894d ago


If you don't play online, why do you have to pay for Live so the game can be as pretty as advertised? I haven't seen where they said the increase in power from cloud is part of Live. To get the most bang for the buck, both systems are "costly". The $50-$60 to play online for both consoles is annualy, not monthly.

kingdip901894d ago


Online functionality on xbox requires live, cloud is an online function so it requires gold to use.

My price point comes from the added cost of having to pay for internet to use the cloud features which will improve graphics, those who have no internet but want to play games looking there best will have to pay for thr internet for that to happen. Ergo the cost of playing xbox games and having them look their best for me is more expensive on xbox one than anywhere else next gen

SniperControl1894d ago


Games prices have gone up for games, on Amazon for Eg Assassins Creed 4 is £49 on PS4, the same game on PS3 is £39.99.

Next gen games in general have gone up in price, saying that i do expect to drop with-in 6 months.

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WeaseL1894d ago

Its going to get expensive when metered bandwidth comes in and you need to connect just to play SP games.

pyramidshead1894d ago

I hope to god that never comes about. That's like Diablo 3 x Infinity.

josephayal1894d ago

the Xbox One will support 4K resolution media as well as 4K resolution games, cannot Wait

DarkHeroZX1894d ago

Lmao yeah it TV providers can't even provide full 1080p at 60fps over a proven infrastructure what makes you think that the Cloud will bring graphical enhancements as well as stream 4k games over the internet. A lot of wishful thinking on your part.

Nekroo911893d ago

actually the cloud only affects the cpu, so it can do small tasks instead of the console and that leaves more power to devs to work, but it doesent affect the gpu so dont expect better graphics than the ps4 or 4k resolution

DarkHeroZX1893d ago (Edited 1893d ago )

Not true at all. The cloud will affect different aspects of your console depending on what's being done. Basic lighting can be done on the CPU end but physics and higher textures will still be done off the GPU, still won't be practical because of latency issues though. So in the end just more PR talk. Beside Sony already confirmed they can do cloud computing too. Its just not practical at the moment so the are focusing on backwards compatibility and other services first.