Eight ways Xbox One will change your favourite games and genres

OXM:Xbox One! The very feel of those syllables in my mouth prompts unwholesome yearnings, visions of a brighter tomorrow. You've read rather a lot from us about how Microsoft will Hack the Gold that is New from the Coalface that is the Future, including much talk of magical asteroid-killing clouds. Would you rather hear about how it'll evolve the games and genres you're already aware and fond of? Allow me to assist.

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malokevi1890d ago

Xbox One! The very feel of those syllables in my mouth prompts unwholesome yearnings, visions of a brighter tomorrow."

lol, yessss.

41 days, 13 hours, 4 minutes.....

damn it!

SegaSaturn6691890d ago

Countdown to your disappointment ;D

TRD4L1fe1890d ago

and here's a troll^ that just feels the need to be on a xbox article

malokevi1890d ago

I think he's kidding. Plus.... meh. Take it in stride.

"words... are like bullets"

Eonjay1890d ago

@malokevi lol that escalated quickly :)

Infamous2981890d ago (Edited 1890d ago )

OXM is the worst gaming magazine ever created, completely biased and run by chimps, i remember them mocking the ps2 years ago while playstation magazines talk about games,gaming news, gadgets etc.

malokevi1890d ago

I used to have a subscription in the original Xbox days. Loved the mag. I read every issue, and I don't remember any "ripping on PS2". I remember lots of reviews, previews, fun articles, and DEMO DISKS!

I probably played the Splinter Cell demo 1000 times, awestruck every time. Those were the days.

Stuart811889d ago

Of course its biased, its an xbox mag lol

dirigiblebill1890d ago

Countdown to everybody getting the hell on with their lives?

3-4-51890d ago

Motion capture for Project Spark is the single greatest feature for creating unique RPG's in that game or unique anything.

To bad there aren't many other uses for kinect yet.

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ZodTheRipper1890d ago

Microsoft marketing at it's best.

Godmars2901890d ago

You mean talking up something they had a hand in removing, like local multiplayer?

Whitey2k1890d ago (Edited 1890d ago )

I don't personally care what people buy but for me im a sony pro since ps1 Era and loved all there consoles they have made and I enjoy the games they bring to me don't get me wrong xbox is a a good console but for me what ever games xbox has only appears on sonys console later and i just don't see myself purchasing an xbox just for DLC's if its games i go for sony and yeah sony might be late be on the online services and i now believe they came along way with the ps4 Finally!

christocolus1890d ago

22 couldnt come soon enough

nategrigs1890d ago

Anybody else get an error when they click on the link? kinda ironic....

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