Game Freak: Pokemon MMORPG wouldn't 'surprise people'

Game Freak has spoken about the possibility of a Pokemon MMORPG in the past but now they're saying that a big reason why they won't make one is that it wouldn't surprise people and would be predictable.

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_QQ_1888d ago

Who cares about surprises, its what people want.....more excuses gamefreak?i

ChickeyCantor1888d ago (Edited 1888d ago )

Exactly, they are just giving a really weak excuse.
( Neither do we have F-zero because Miyamoto doesn't know how to "progress the franchise"...FFS just give us a new game already )

They are also stating that people weren't expecting X and Y.

Difference is though that we didn't know the new mechanics/features/gimmicks.

There is so much potential at creating a PokeMMO. MMO's are huge scaled projects. The fact they are trying to tell us that won't be able to surprise use with anything is rather garbage.

GirlOnFire1888d ago

I do want to chat and communicate with other pokemon lovers. Gotta freaking catch them all!! Choosing from what Region would be umazing! Johto, Kanto, ETC it would be the best if worked on for a good long time. ^~^

Munnkyman1888d ago

If wii u keeps selling the way it is(which i hope it doesnt) then they might be forced to make a pokemon mmo. Wii u would sell like crazy if they did that

Misaka_x_Touma1888d ago

mario, mario kart, wii fit u and ssb will save. Pokemon dont do well on console.

Misaka_x_Touma1888d ago

mmo pokemon game idea is overrated

ChickeyCantor1888d ago

Because you know to what extend the gameplay could be, right?

There is absolutely no concept build up yet for a Pokemon MMO, how the hell would you know if it's overrated?

BigDuo1887d ago

People need to stop dreaming about this. Game Freak has consistently said it won't bring the core franchise to the home console. Pokemon MMO is one of those things that sounds better on paper than i does in execution.