GTA Online: Players Lost Characters And Rank "Will Not Be Restored" confirms Rockstar

After the announcement of "Half A Million GTA $" Stimulus Package, many GTA Online players were still asking Rockstar Games question: Whether or not lost characters and ranks will be restored?.

An update has finally arrived and its not a great news for GTA Online players

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Emilio_Estevez1888d ago

I guess I can finally start a new char now, seeing as how I don't have a choice.

Lord_Sloth1888d ago (Edited 1888d ago )

My brother and uncle were hit by the character deletion. My bro didn't start playing it again until the other day and my uncle still hasn't started on it again.

It sucks that people experienced such a glitch but at least it's been mostly resolved.

crs3531888d ago

I was hit by it 3 times... Im not sure if i will or not kinda pissed still. On other hand played some gta 4 the other day and now i cant even drive on it

3-4-51887d ago

Single player was awesome, online was fun for the first few days, but I'm thinking about trading this in. It got old real quick.

I still like it a lot, but I get bored after 20-30 minutes every time I play it now.

Emilio_Estevez1887d ago

Pfffft, I don't trade games in, I collect.

tigertron1888d ago least the 500k will ease the blow.

SeraphimBlade1888d ago

Fortunately, I had only played about an hour before I lost mine.

Fun fact: I started a new game yesterday and it froze during the opening credits as it was showing the names of the scripters. I was like "great job, guys."

SmokeyMcBear1887d ago

had that happen to me too when I restarted my character. Then on the second run through, my character was already created so just ran through credits, but this time without voice audio, just music, so they are gesturing but no voices. sheesh.

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The story is too old to be commented.