Acttil Looks To Kickstarter To Fund First Video Game; Called Reborn For PS3, PS4

There was a bit of a delay, but now, the Reborn kickstarter page has finally launched for real. The initial goal was $150,000, though that has changed to $200,000. As well, the game will get an Xbox One release if the company meets its $1,090,000 Stretch Goal mark. Franz Tissera is confident that he'll deliver on his cyberpunk take on Miyamoto Musashi and other figures from Japanese lore.

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Kyosuke_Sanada1296d ago

I love the artwork so far, how it will translate in-gme is questionable but I am interested none the less.......

MyFeetHurt1296d ago

hmmmm looks like crap will not be donating

ZHZ901296d ago

Donating or not, we haven't seen the gameplay so we can call it crap.

FlameHawk1296d ago

Don't worry he's a Xboner, he wouldn't even donate anyways, just trolling.

MyFeetHurt + 22h ago
easy, xbox one will be #1 duh.

am i supposed to be excited about crash bandicoot or that fighting car game?

Lboogieskells1296d ago

The kickstater page shows some very good looking in game conept pics.

Crofton_xTEG1292d ago (Edited 1292d ago )

I'm very excited to see this game. UE4 PC release :) House of moves. They just announced an AMAA open forum. I love the story also.. super cool that it's based on fact :) They also just put up some In-Game 3d models and pipeline pics.. VERY COOL!! and it's #4 on the hotlist :)