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ThatEnglishDude1412d ago

...yeah, good luck with that.

xHeavYx1412d ago

Title should be changed to "unknown rapper wants his 5 minutes of fame"

GrizzliS19871412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

song belongs to Kurupt anyway :/

though it is produced by daz :X

LackTrue4K1412d ago


True, then Kurupt should just give him a % and not R*.

I would hate that an update would take them classic tracks off the game.

cactusjack1412d ago

title should be changed to "unknown rapper wants his $5 from royalty"

Blaze9291412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )


unknown rapper? Lol you probably listen to country music for saying that.

And to people talking about updates/patch - you can't patch something physical offline.

xHeavYx1412d ago

You fail so hard every time you get defensive that it makes me feel sad for you.
Next time, before opening your mouth, take a quick look at the picture next to my usrname, or at least take a quick look at my profile

LightofDarkness1412d ago

True Blaze, anyone who doesn't know a non-mainstream rapper must listen to like Jimmy Buffett or Enya, LOL.


Musical snobbery is just plain obnoxious.

FamilyGuy1411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

Just because YOU don't know him doesn't make him "unknown". He was practically as popular as Snoop Dogg himself back in the mid-nineties up to even 2004 or so.
You calling him unknown is ridiculous whether you listen to rap or not. Your Guns and Roses avatar&banner don't help your case. It's an ignorant statement. He's one of the most recognizable rappers out there.


KwietStorm1411d ago

He's very well known, and he's had his time in the spotlight, much more than 5 minutes. It was just a long time ago, so he got his coffee cup out, looking for change.

ZodTheRipper1411d ago

He's everything else than unknown. But he should have taken the money R* offered him - it's more than enough for these old tracks. He should be honored that R* has immortalized his music in the probably biggest game up to date.

FunkMacNasty1411d ago

Yeah, no. Daz Dillinger doesn't need 5 minutes of fame, he's already had 20 years of fame as a prominent member of several West-Coast hip-hop crews..Maybe YOU never heard of him, but given your Gn'R avatar, I'm guessing you don't listen to hip hop. Daz Dillinger and everyone else from The Dogg Pound are pretty well known to hip hop fans.

Also, I'm unclear as to why Dillinger is upset? He should be collecting royalties from 2 decades of producing and guest starring on tracks. Rockstar offered him $4,200 for the two tracks, which tells me they were trying to purchase the mechanical rights to the songs (when anyone buys "mechanical rights" of a song, they are buying the right to use that song however they want, without having to pay a royalty fee per play)

FamilyGuy1411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

$4000 for 2 Daz songs actually really is an insultingly low amount, add to the fact that this game has made over a billion dollars and they went behind his back and used his songs anyway just makes it worse. Obviously the game isn't gonna get pulled from shelves but some higher amount is going to pass hands whether through court or settlement.
R* can't "win" a case against stealing the use of someones music, point blank. He said no and they did it anyway, wtf is that?

schlanz1411d ago

He's unknown. Unknown by me. And probably a majority of GTA V players.

I wouldn't expect many people to know Caspian, Russian Circles, This Will Destroy You, or other fairly prominent Post-Rock outfits. But you'd be laughed at to listen to that vein of music and not know them.

So I see nothing wrong with using "unknown" to describe an artist that is pretty much literally unknown by most of the non-hip-hop/rap listening crowd.

buynit1411d ago

Lol when I seen his name I was like wtf is that

Shuyin1411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

Lmao. He produced hits like Ambitionz az a Ridah, Got My Mind Made Up and 2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted. He produced alot more famous beats AND he rapped in DPG aka The Dogg Pound alongside Kurrupt.
Just 'cause you don't know him, doesn't automatically make him unkown to the general public.

Edit: or rather the general rap crowd*

Dee_911411d ago

Just because some of you don't know him doesn't mean he's unknown, I doubt most of you even listen to rap music.He's very known in the rap game and his complaint is just,depending on the royalties he has with the songs.But apparently from that low ball offer from R* he doesn't really have any producers royalties with the songs.A couple of the songs on GTA V are royalty free songs.

ZodTheRipper1411d ago

That was the most retarded post I've read today.

Lykon1411d ago

Some thug after gibs me dat lotto. I turn off as much of the rap/rnb rubbish as possible

hduce1411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

You never heard of Tha Dogg Pound or DeathRow Records? Daz was a decent rapper and a really good producer. He has produced songs for Snoop Dogg, Tupac, Too Short, and a whole host of other rappers. If you turn on the West Coast Classics station on GTA you will here a few songs produced by Daz. If they were to use my songs or songs I produced I would want to get paid too.

Here's some advice that might help some of these idiots on here call Daz a nobody. Before dissing a person you never heard of use a tool called Google, it is really helpful.

kingfetish171411d ago

Listen to Daz's R.A.W album. One of my favorite rap albums. His work with Snoop & DPG aka Tha Dogg Pound is pure gold! He deserves way more than a couple G's for his music.

maniacmayhem1411d ago

"unknown rapper wants his 5 minutes of fame"

Wow, that was a super fail comment if I ever saw one.

Daz is unknown? Wants 5 minutes of fame...I should explain how wrong you are but it seems others have greatly beat me to it and explained the history of it all.

And you like Guns N Roses too who were big NWA fans but yet you don't know the Dogg Pound?

Also there was a parody of the Dogg Pound in GTA San Andreas if you ever played that game.

BenRage31411d ago

Hey, the Dog Pound were huge in the nineties.

quantae061411d ago

Daz made tracks with 2pac, Kurupt, Snoop, and Nate Dogg.

SmoothC9111411d ago

I had to lol as this thread descended into music debates over the story at hand.
While I've never heard of him, the amount is obscenely low--I hope he gets paid a little more than that from the billion+ take!

JackStraw1411d ago

daz is far from an unknown rapper...

AlexanderNevermind1411d ago

Daz Is not unknown but at this point is a has been....He might want to work something out as EA might just patch out his songs and call it a day.

lesrima881411d ago

that's a retarded thing to say,bottom line is rockstar stole his songs, he should be paid no matter what

Anarki1411d ago

This guy sure is an idiot, I've never even heard of this guy before the game. Not that I'll listen to his music, but he's getting free advertising regardless of whether Rockstar had paid him or not.

Syntax-Error1411d ago

Unknown Rapper. You f-ckin' moron anyone that listens to hip hop knows who Daz and Kurupt are. Go back to listening to that bullshit you call music

NarooN1411d ago


I listen to post-rock as well as other genres usually loosely-associated with it, like shoegaze, post-punk, dreampop, etc. and I've NEVER heard of any of those bands you just listed.

Pretty bad analogy, dude.

schlanz1408d ago (Edited 1408d ago )


You kind of proved my point then, as you must be just a fringe listener to the genre to have not heard of those bands. (But I'm sure you know Explosions in the Sky, Godspeed You, Sigur Ros, and Mogwai)
Just like a casual listener of hip-hop might not know who Daz is. Sure the guy might not be a nobody, but in the mainstream context he is. Outside of people who listen to a lot of hip-hop, it's not a stretch of the imagination to believe he hasn't been heard of, or at least forgotten if he was known at a time now past.

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Pogmathoin1412d ago

I'm keeping my copy... screw him.... its MINE!!

Crazay1412d ago

A dick move by a nobody "rapper". Move along dude