Drakengard 3 Is Square Enix’s Attempt To Woo Hardcore Gamers | Siliconera

Matt Hawkins - "Siliconera met with Square Enix who was showing off their upcoming holiday releases along with one title that’s still in development, that being the much anticipated Drakengard 3. The demo was purely hands off, so I simply sat back and watched producer Takamasa Shiba put the game’s protagonist, Zero, through her paces. Shiba wouldn’t tell me much about the plot, other than how Zero is an Intoner and that she has five sisters who are also Intoners."

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j-blaze1083d ago

very excited for this game!

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Dark_Overlord1083d ago (Edited 1083d ago )

Yeah they're doing a fine job :/

Jap - Boxed release with tons of extras
USA - Boxed release
EU - Digital only

Screw you Square Enix, I'm still peeved at Sega and Hatsune Miku Project Diva F.

No boxed version, no sale from me.

Chrono1082d ago

I think the US boxed version is exclusive to their web store.

Dark_Overlord1082d ago

It may well be, however they are still given the option :/

ThanatosDMC1082d ago

They're gonna sell it for DLC or something like that.

kratos1231083d ago

You can keep this game SE and give me my Damn ff type 0

Sly-Lupin1082d ago

Holy bullshit, Batman!

Drakengard 3 is Square-Enix' attempt to make some money, and nothing else, because all Square Enix is doing is PUBLISHING the game.

A publisher is not a developer, people.

TomahawkX1082d ago

A company trying to make money? preposterous... and publishers pay for the development of the game, that is kind of important you know.

sypher1082d ago

Wish they would woo me with an actual physical release.

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