Ultimate Team Confirmed for NBA Live 14

PP:In news that should surprise no one NBA Live 14 will feature its own Ultimate Team mode. The retailer pre-order bonus for Live is the same as it is for Madden NFL 25. Seven Ultimate Team packs (which is said to be worth over $10) will be included with purchase from the major retailers including Amazon and Gamestop.

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Kingthrash3601894d ago

the real question nba live worth $10? forget micro transactions, how is the game?

lsujester1894d ago

As much as I'm hoping it will be good so there will be good competition again, I'm not holding my breath. The fact that it's supposed to launch in a month and we still haven't seen any decent gameplay videos worries me.

JetsFool35001894d ago

It worries me too but the fact that 2k didnt show show any gamplay neither is whats keeping me sane

This is kinda a peek at what lives got cookin

kratos_TheGoat1894d ago

hope it return like nba live 2005, what a fun game live was in ps2 era

NeMo_HeauxZ1894d ago

Yeah but we still have an idea of what 2K looks like from current gen which is pretty damn good. We have absolutely no clue what Live looks like.

nades_all_night1893d ago (Edited 1893d ago )

I really want NBA live to be good. Not b/c I'm an EA fanboy (far from it) I just want 2k to be pushed more. I haven't bought any other NBA franchise game since NBA2k on the dreamcast, and continue to stick with 2k sports, and haven't really been enticed to do otherwise. However that doesn't mean that the 2k franchise cant improve. If Live can bring me something more than "awesome" micro-transactions and "Social" features, then I will honestly give it a go. I, like most of you, am a little concerned they haven't shown anything worthwhile...heres to hoping.