8 New GTA IV pics for you to drool over

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loftygaming3888d ago

i think for a gta iv game the graphics are very good and much better that some titles ive seen on the xbox 360

Alcaponedyou3888d ago

50 gigs, better hardware, it'll look a lot better than 360-gimped

brothersimon3888d ago

GTA has never been about like mass effect graphics (aka graphics PS3 coudlnt handle)

PS3 holded the 360 back, not the other way round, so ps3 hardware must suck huh? :-)

Iron Man 23888d ago

Don't worry,GTA V will be PLAYSTATION®3 exclusive and it will look and play amazing!

Shane Kim finds it funny that GTA IV will be one of the best looking games on the Xbox 3rd60,and the PS3 version is still superior in every way including graphics.


LevDog3888d ago

HAHA brothersimon I love your name cause your Initials suit you perfectly.. BS.. cause thats what most of your comments are, is BS.. you never make any points or make sense for that matter.. But your a typical 360 fan you just talk talk talk just like MS talk talk.. Your happy with games like GOW which even GOW2 graphics dont compare to Uncharted a 1st gen game for PS3.. Your 360s potential is coming awful close awful fast.. So BS before you start talk BS think before you speak SON

brothersimon3888d ago

You really think itll be a PS3 exclusive huh?

rofl ul tbh i doubt it mate :-)

ps3 girls make up too much shyt, i mean give it a break :-D

Varsarus3888d ago

"GTA has never been about like mass effect graphics (aka graphics PS3 coudlnt handle)"

ROFL, so funny, dude, I can compare the graphics of Mass Effect exactly to Uncharted. You'll be stunned when OpenGL Mt Evans comes to the RSX hahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

RealTimeWeaponChange3888d ago

LionQueen, go play San Andreas, then look at an HD GTA4 trailer. Night and day. Most people just don't remember how ugly PS2 GTAs were. Go do it. Now. I've been, and my GTA4 experience will greatly benefit because of it.

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chaosatom3333888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

looks like we gone back to dail-up era.

you know. drooling over pics instead of gameplay.

Gazman3888d ago

Meh, I really don't care about screen shots any more, because its so easy to photoshop them. And have the time they don't do the game any justice at all.

Kyur4ThePain3888d ago

I have to agree with the two of you. There is nothing in those pictures that excite me. Imagine if there were images like these released just prior to Halo / Uncharted / whatever going on sale. There'd be so much finger pointing, we'd all be eyeless.

Now, GTA has always been about fun, so let's hope the gameplay is there for us to enjoy.
But to think anyone would drool over these? Silly.

Alcaponedyou3888d ago

but the character models are too ugly.

SUP3R3888d ago

Compared to the previous games in the series it's excellent.

Milf Hunter3887d ago

Are from the 360 version,we are going to be showcasing the Ps3 version beginning tomorrow.

loftygaming3888d ago

but you gotta click every single on to make it bigger and stuff at they are all a good size on one page

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The story is too old to be commented.