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Rumor: Resident Evil 7 in development?

Resident Evil 7 seems to be in development according to a listing on a Linkedin profile. (PC, PS3, PS4, Resident Evil, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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TrevorPhillips  +   532d ago
unless it goes back to its actual roots then I'll be more then happy
j-blaze  +   532d ago
and there should be no western dev involved, Capcom US and Europe branches almost killed RE6
anyway, love RE bring on RE7!
Benjammin25  +   532d ago
My god you annoy me. US and Europe had NOTHING to do with Resident Evil 6 being rubbish. Wanting to appeal to COD fans made it rubbish. Completely removing anything resembling survival horror made it rubbish. QTE heavy gameplay made it rubbish. I could literally go on for another hour. And this is coming from a huge Resident fan who actually enjoyed some aspects of 6. I mean my god, is it too much to give us an 8-10 hour game, that focuses on one protagonist, in a creepy environment with limited resources? I think a Resi set in an abandoned hospital would be pretty good.
breakpad  +   532d ago
J-blaze totally agree man ...maybe EU and US had nothing to do with the development...the western developers MUST NOT involved at all , they are totally untalented and destroy the franchises(aka DMC ,LOST planet3)
SaturdayNightBeaver  +   532d ago
I don't even know how are they gonna do it , even with japanese devs, they still need a director and producer such as Shinji Mikami the series creator.
All in all there will never ever be a game good as oldschool RE..
badboy776  +   531d ago
Capcom This is your chance to start over. make it a PlayStation Exclusive.
pyramidshead  +   532d ago
My guess is they'll be watching closely at The Evil Within...

If not..a possible train wreck to bury the franchise is in progress.
leahcim  +   532d ago
but the franchise is ALREADY buried
Sev  +   532d ago
Rumor =/= Confirmed

Totally contradictory.
nosferatuzodd  +   532d ago
yeah lol it can't be a rumor if its confirmed lol
Irishguy95  +   532d ago
This should be obvious. A moment in Capcom without yet another RE in development signifies the beginning of the apocalypse.

Yes sev, a common thing on N4g, contradictory headlines.
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GryestOfBluSkies  +   532d ago
rumor? confirmed? which is it?!
DarkLordMalik  +   532d ago
Linkedin profile is pretty much a unofficial confirmation. Of course, Capcom won't officially confirm it until later.

Just like Ubisoft starts working on next entry of their popular series immediately after release of recent one, it is not unreasonable to expect the same from capcom.
ZHZ90  +   532d ago
I am it'll be better this time not tha bad RE6.
Stuntz  +   532d ago
i would frickin love to see a new Resident evil especially if it somehow can go back to the scary, mansion type game. Im not really feeling this new type of style basically is COD with zombies...
TheDorKnight138  +   532d ago
Resident Evil is dead to me... I cant imagine a Resident Evil game that can compare to The Last of Us in atmosphere or tension anymore
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zerocrossing  +   532d ago
Have they ever though?

I agree with you for the most part, but a Rezi game wouldn't need to be half as good for it to be worth playing IMO, plus it's unfair to use a fantastic once in a generation game like TLOU as a ruler for quality when the vast majority of games are inferior anyway.

I say just give us an oldschool creepy Rezi game and that would please most fans.
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The_Villager  +   532d ago
The Last of Us? How could anyone find that game scary when the enemy Ai was atrocious?
ZHZ90  +   532d ago
"The Last of Us shows a good direction of what the consumers want," Pattison added. "Tomb Raider as well, we spoke to R&D and they looked at that and they enjoyed that experience. I think that proves there is still a strong market for that sort of content."


TLOU and TR did it.
Lboogieskells  +   532d ago
It seems you miss no oppurtunity to bash a Sony product. Troll much?
Faztkiller  +   532d ago
Only ai problem I seen was the follower ai and only when sneaking.
MyFeetHurt  +   532d ago
because last of us was crap and this will be too

gotta go play league cya
Kos-Mos  +   532d ago
Atmosphere in The Last of Us is not so good, I`m sorry to bring the facts.
zerocrossing  +   532d ago
Never thought I'd say this being a big Rezi fan, but I'm having a hard time caring about any sequels given how the far franchise has fallen.
hankmoody  +   532d ago
Too soon. They need to let the public wash the last few RE titles out of their mouth before dropping another one on us. And I think a full reboot of the series is needed that brings the scares back, not this action movie nonsense.
ritsuka666  +   532d ago
Too late already crapcom ,The Evil Within is my new girl.
LostDjinn  +   532d ago
Waders and shovel on standby.
zerocrossing  +   532d ago
It's ironic how dead Capcom's once popular Zombie franchise has become.
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Kyosuke_Sanada  +   532d ago
I think Capcom should should just leave Resident Evil alone and focus on other horror titles or better yet just create an original one from scratch.
ForgivenZombie  +   532d ago
I would like to see the original re done for next gen and then take the follow ups in a new direction and make them better. RE2 and 4 were also good IMO, just work on the rest.
vivid83  +   532d ago
please use resident evil 1 & 2 as a reference to build upon
christocolus  +   532d ago
i hope it will get a better director and producer this time
SugarSoSweet  +   532d ago
Wonder if it'll pathetically resort on racism for shock value like it did in Resident Evil 5 (terrible game)
TheFutureIsBlue  +   532d ago
Well...considering I hated RE5 and skipped RE6 it would take a lot for me to give a flying crap about a new Resident Evil when games like The Evil Winthin look a lot better.
iconic56  +   532d ago
In other news; Evil Within looks pretty good. lol
christocolus  +   532d ago
this time i aint buying based on my love for the franchise..ill definitly be using reviews .
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Goro  +   532d ago
Of course it's in development, Capcom are in a pretty bad state financially so they need to start being careful and only develop games that will sell well which is Resident Evil whether you like it or not. Their financial state is most likely the reason Dragons Dogma and Remember Me have both appeared on PS Plus in the same 2 months.
Austin48  +   532d ago
Yes I love resident evil games can't wait and to the people above me who don't like it eney more why are you here if you don't like it leave and don't come back idiots
Metamorph93  +   532d ago
I talked to a Dev (whom asked to stay anonymous) at E3 2013 who said they would not be making anymore Resident Evils since the last one did so poorly and they can't really do much else with the series. The person who said they did costume design could have been doing that for the game before they cancelled all development.
Kos-Mos  +   532d ago
I talked with you at E3 and you said you would be lying about this on a video game forums.
Gemmol  +   532d ago
lol I guess Kos-Mos was right
GirlOnFire  +   532d ago
I'll be getting Shinjis new game but if Resident Evil changes back to actual Resident Evil again I'm check it out. ^~^
deadfrag  +   532d ago
jUST Take that horrible co-op out of the RE franchise and get back to story driven Single player roots!
Max-Zorin  +   532d ago
Just don't make either Chris, Jill, or Leon the playable character. We're sick of them.
MrSwankSinatra  +   531d ago
"Here’s hoping that they make it a better game this time around and more like Resident Evil 4 instead of 5." oh god i hope not. resident evil 4 was complete trash as a resident evil game. capcom needs to make a game more like 1,2,3,Zero,Code Veronica & REmake. not fucking 4, 5, 6 or Revelations.
Stuart81  +   531d ago
personally and im only speaking for myself here I found RE4 to be really enjoyable, 5 and 6 though were a complete mess
MrSwankSinatra  +   531d ago
most people found RE4 to be good was because it changed the way we play third person action games, but as a resident evil game it was total fucking mess. 5 was more resident evil than 4, because it least in 5 they tried to extend the original story further. unlike 4 where all of sudden you're in spain looking for the presidents daughter while fighting off people infected with prehistoric parasites. does that sound anything like Resident evil to you LOL??? 6 was flat out horrible. revelations was sad attempt to try to bring it back to the roots but the whole story was like watching a dumb anime.
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Stuart81  +   531d ago
If it goes back to its survival horror roots I'll be well happy, this online co-op action bullshit its become is killing the franchise

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