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Feast your eyes on these beautiful retail boxes of PlayStation 4 Accessories

PlayStation 4 is launching soon and as Sony is revamping up for its launch, we are getting to see more and more of that lovely console. You can now check out new images of the retail boxes for Controllers, Charging Station, Vertical Stand and Camera. (PS4, Sony)

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onyoursistersback  +   777d ago
We are almost only 30 days away from greatness gamers!!!!
i think its 35 days left from now
SniperControl  +   777d ago
49 over here in dear ole Blighty :(

It's just cardboard boxes, it's the thing inside that matters the most.
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gaelic_laoch  +   777d ago
49 Days over here on MY island too!
abzdine  +   777d ago
Packages look sexy!!
i need that charging dock, and it's not expensive.
JetsFool3500  +   777d ago
35 days 6 hours 25 minutes I have a countdown app just for this
FamilyGuy  +   776d ago
Oh gawd, want, need, gimme!

I wish they could just make it compatible with the PS3 and start selling them now. :(
aCasualGamer  +   776d ago
The colored DS4's are so ugly though. They should have the entire controller in those colors not half. I wouldv'e gotten a white one hadn't it been for the implementation of it.

Oh well, a nice black one isn't too shabby at all.
vigilante_man  +   776d ago
@aCAsualGamer: Are you crazy????

I think thg Blue and Red controllers are the best looking gaming accessories I have EVER seen. EVER!!!

They look amazing!

I have not held them so I don't know about how they play but they are so cool.
v6volume  +   776d ago
I know!!! I need to get my hands on that red one
Jaqen_Hghar  +   777d ago
Where the hell are the alternate controllers and charging dock for the US!!!
nosferatuzodd  +   777d ago
its on there way sir
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nosferatuzodd  +   777d ago
I'm drooling like a Lion watching a 'gazelle in Africa right now man nice
gaelic_laoch  +   777d ago
I'm drooling like Dick Cheney with that Gazelle in his Cross-hairs too!!!!
nosferatuzodd  +   777d ago
lol nice one
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gaelic_laoch   777d ago | Immature | show
strigoi814  +   777d ago
0_0 i want it now!

can somebody tell me which 40" LED tv is good. samsung or sony (smart tv or not)
Aceman18  +   777d ago
Have you tried looking into a plasma TV? Games look really good on them I have a 46' Panasonic and I was shocked how much better my games look on it over my old LED Samsung
DaGR8JIBRALTAR  +   777d ago
Panasonic makes tbe best plasmas period!
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Thehyph  +   777d ago
A lot of plasma TV's, even larger ones are 720p, so you have to be on the lookout for that, of course.
Aceman18  +   777d ago

Yea my TV is full 1080p 600Hz refresh rate, its a damn good TV.

Also I can't believe I got a disagree for recommending a TV, wth is wrong with people on this site Lol.
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Rockstar  +   776d ago
55 inch 1080p Panny smart 3d here.
One of the best TV's out there.

I love my plasmas!
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Aceman18  +   775d ago
Apparent some people here hate plasma TV smh
Rockstar  +   775d ago
@ Aceman18

Well, some of these people likely have a preference to other tech I guess. But it's hands down plasma for me every time.
Aceman18  +   775d ago
@rock star

Oh I completely agree I use to rock with LED until I got my plasma and once I started playing on it there's no going back.
Jsoc  +   777d ago
I have a 46inch. Sony XBR and the games look really really good
Brix90  +   777d ago
Can't go wrong with neither but I would go with a Samsung just because I've seen some of there displays and the picture looks amazing. Also I assume your using it for gaming so try to look for a TV with some kind of game mode to reduce latency on your screen for when your playing.
Thehyph  +   777d ago
While I can't point out a specific model, I would try to go for a 1080p with 120hz refresh. For a 40" size, you may have to buy a smart one or spend just as much as one. 60hz will still be fine though because console games aren't going to go above 60fps. If you have a good gaming desktop, and plan on using the TV for it, I would probably get the extra refresh rate though as a good PC can max out 1080p/60fps no problem.

1080p and with high refresh is the best you can get until 4k becomes the norm.

Full-array is more expensive and better looking than side-lit, too.

I'm currently in the market for one myself. Try going to somewhere like BestBuy and playing with the settings on them to see what you like. Most TV's on display are probably just on default settings and you can usually coax a much better picture out of them than what they show.

As for brands, I wouldn't know what to say. I like Samsung, but I think a lot of their TV and home theatre gear is overpriced. Sony, on the other hand, aren't as overpriced as they used to be. BRAVIA used to automatically mean more expensive than most TV's, but not anymore.
strigoi814  +   776d ago
i was interested on samsung smart tv the 2013 dual core coz the apps and how looks easy to navigate..but im thinking of getting a normal 32-40" LED tv from Sony because of the bravia engine and hz...and already own a Sony TV before so i find it good for my eyes specially on gaming..i really want to buy a TV before my PS4 come..
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speed389  +   776d ago
I have a 46" sony led tv with a 240hz refresh.... amazing for gaming and looks awsome.... its the only tvs under 50“ with a 240hz refresh
speed389  +   776d ago
and honestly the panasonic plasmas are great great tvs that look amazing also.... cant go wrong with them for gaming, panasonic makes the best plasmas in the market
Benchm4rk  +   776d ago
Make sure you get a +120hz model though

Samsung>Sony LED TVs in my opinion

Sony ones are good but Samsung ones tend to be a bit better while being cheaper at the same tine
Jsoc  +   777d ago
Does anybody know if the red or blue PS4 controllers coming to the U.S.
GryestOfBluSkies  +   777d ago
i think so, but they haven't said when
bmx_bandit  +   777d ago
Okay, what exactly is beautiful on average looking blue Boxes?

Why does "feast your eyes on blue boxes" sounds like a PR-/Marketing-Article?
Brix90  +   777d ago

Why click on the article if your not interested in the PS4? Don't worry I'm sure Xbox will have an article up, showing there boxes so you can drool over those.
bmx_bandit  +   776d ago
Why repeat to me when u dont answer my question?
Why does my question suddenly include the Xbox?

Brix90  +   776d ago
It's called comment history and judging by all the things you say about Sony an there fanboys its obvious your not here because you care.

As far as article goes I'm sure the author just titled it because there were excited for the PS4. Gamers get excited to see what they will be receiving day one.
Rockstar  +   776d ago

*reply (?)
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pyramidshead  +   777d ago
Etseix  +   776d ago
wont see,
its too early to watch porn right now.
guitarded77  +   777d ago
Ohh... cardboard.

Gonna get an extra controller, charge dock and possibly a stand if needed. Probably gonna buy the camera at a later date. Amazon always drops the prices of peripherals pretty quick.
Convas  +   777d ago
HNNNNNG, dat blue controller. I must have it!
sigfredod  +   776d ago
I want that blue DS4
speed389  +   776d ago
im going to wait and get a blue controller after launch instead of pickibg up a second black one
Relientk77  +   776d ago
Anyone know when u can order the red and blue dual shock 4s?
Kayant  +   776d ago
I think it's only currently available in the UK & Europe --> http://www.amazon.co.uk/Son...
JW1080  +   776d ago
It would be awesome if they made the controller charger to where you can charge the Pulse headsets too. Why isn't the vertical stand and controller available on Amazon yet? Almost feel like buying them all and lining them all up.
guitarded77  +   776d ago
I just bought a standard headphone stand. Amazon has dozens to choose from. I have the USB cable run discretely, so it looks nice and keeps them charged. Just search "headphone stand" on amazon and they'll show up. I have this one...

Excited2play  +   776d ago
I agree, the boxes look great. looking forward to PS4!
Lboogieskells  +   776d ago
I need a change of boxers now.
Davuskus  +   776d ago
48 hours days, 2 hours and 40 minutes left for the European release. I can't wait! :)
wannabe gamer  +   776d ago
man those colored controllers are really nice looking.

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