Indie Developer Tried To Convince Valve and Nintendo To Work Together

Let history designate Martijn Reuvers and his team at Dutch indie studio Two Tribes as an ambitious lot. They recently tried to convince Nintendo and Valve to work together—specifically, to let their Wii U game talk to their Steam game. And that went... kind of okay?

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Ohlmay1888d ago

Nintendo and Valve... Just thinking about the two companies creating a game together blows my mind.

mydyingparadiselost1888d ago

Zelda: A Link through the Portal

stragomccloud1888d ago

You, good sir, deserve more bubbles for that than I am able to give. Kudos!

Activemessiah1888d ago

I would love a Valve/Nintendo console though... now that's mind blowing.

Beastforlifenoob1888d ago

No VALVE loooves powerful hardware immersive stories and amazing gameplay. THEY ARE BRILLIANT on the other hand Nintendo doesnt meeet any of the above.

Immersive stories? No all of them are crappy and kiddy

Powerful hardware? Dont even need to comment

Amazing gameplay? Well I guess you can consider rehased milked stupid 2.5d platformers well then yeah whatever amazing gameplay.noooo

SO valve would never do this they are for the big boys and nintendo are for the innocent children and manchildren (men who still cant stop being an immature child and playing stupid kiddy games)

gpturbo811888d ago

why act like a close minded child. bagforlifenoob

RFornillos41888d ago

Nintendo... Valve... Two Tribes... 3 dev companies...

Half Life 3 CONFIRMED!

Misaka_x_Touma1888d ago

you forgot Exclusives to PC and Wii U lol

stragomccloud1888d ago

I have even more respect for "Two Tribes" now. I'm glad I bought Toki Tori 2 on the eShop.

Chrischi19881888d ago

Valve and Nintendo would make a great team. Imagine a franchise like Half Life on a Wii U. Perfect fit. Counter Strike is a very tactical shooter and the Gamepad could give the franchise so much, not only equipping at the beginning, but also giving some kind of order of who should stay where, for the best tactical interaction, since you cannot only speak to your team, but also visualize, what the plan is for example.

EA would look really dumb, if Nintendo decided to implement steams network for online play^^

Beastforlifenoob1888d ago

You nintendo fanchilds are acting like its confirmed hahahaha valve would never integrate with a console made for the under 10 league.

VALVE IS like a gangster where as nintendo is like a really smart nerd, they just cant cooperate well because their intrests are COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY differnet.

Chrischi19881888d ago (Edited 1888d ago )

no i didnt^^

i simply pointed out what could be great, if they were working together. but you seem to have the need to somehow show your hate for nintendo... whatever.

RFornillos41887d ago

although it is rather a ridiculous idea, but sometimes good things come from utter, ridiculous concepts.

nevertheless, as you mentioned their interest are completely different, however if they do decide to work together it would make perfect sense, coz each can benefit the other. Valve will reach out to console gamers and younger, casual gamers via Nintendo; on the other hand, Nintendo will benefit Valve's more mature gamers through Steam.

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The story is too old to be commented.