Forza 5 Graphic Design Artist Creates Lifelike Lamborghini Aventador With Cardboard

The next installment in Forza series, Forza 5 looks stunning on Xbox One. Almost all cars in the game looks identical to its real life counterpart, and credit of it goes to Taras Lesko, Graphic Design Artist of Forza series.

The creativity and talent level of Taras Lesko knows no bounds and here is the most recent proof of this: Taras Lesko has created wild cardboard Lamorghini.

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BABY-JEDI1888d ago

See... This is the power of Blue Peter kids! You to can build real life like replicas with egg cartons, washing up bottles, sticky tape & cardboard.
; )

Tiqila1888d ago

he seems to have a lot of time

fattyuk1888d ago

Congratulations? I guess??

curtis921888d ago

At least the cardboard car gets real-time lighting and shadows and can be played with day or night ;)

TechMech21888d ago

At least gran Turismo gets 5 minute load times

DOMination-1888d ago

Does gt have custom car designs yet or have pd spent the last three years learning how to make a menu?

1888d ago
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