Watch 11 Minutes of God Eater 2′s Multiplayer Gameplay, and Two Lovely Cosplayers

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia just published the direct feed recording of the God Eater 2 stage event held in Tokyo last month.

The video showcases Namco Bandai’s PS Vita/PSP Monster Hunter challenger in eleven minutes of 4 player co-op gameplay, with plenty aragami-slaying to enjoy.

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zerocrossing1861d ago

I heard the first game was pretty good, I should probably check it out before jumping into the sequel.

DestinyHeroDoomlord1861d ago (Edited 1861d ago )

Long video, game play starts at 08:00, before that they introduce the two cosplayers and I sneaked a peak at some dark souls 2 posters? In the background

thehobbyist1861d ago (Edited 1861d ago )

I will buy every game that's similar to Monster Hunter on VITA until we get Monster Hunter on VITA. Which is a win-win since they all seem fantastic on their own merit.

Abriael1861d ago

Personally, I liked Gods Eater Burst more than any monster hunter, and this one seems to run circles around Monster hunter 4 as well.

donwel1860d ago

Why are the ones playing the PS Vitas at the beginning of the video not looking at the Vitas screens?

paul-p19881854d ago

The game looks amazing, can't wait for it to come out and be localised *hint hint Namco!!*