Beyond: Two Souls Review | GES

Everyone knows Quantic Dream from Heavy Rain. With Beyond: Two Souls they again take us through an emotional trip and show us what interactive movies can be like.

Beyond: Two Souls takes you through the life of Jodie a gifted girl whose been linked to an entity from birth. Throughout the game you will learn more of how she came to terms with her “gift” and being different from everyone else. The story jumps back and forth through a timeline of Jodie’s life.

There is an all-star cast of actors involved in this game which makes for some great acting & story telling; some of these cast members involve Ellen Page as Jodie Homes and Willem Dafoe as Doctor Nathan Dawkins. One of the other main characters is speechless through the game but just as important as Jodie herself and this is the entity attached to Jodie whose name is Aiden.

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