PlayStation’s future as an online service is, “a good way of putting it”, says Sony

OPM: I recently sat down with Sony UK boss Fergal Gara at Eurogamer Expo to talk PS4, Sony and in particular the moves the company is making towards providing a range of services rather than just a box. In particular the acquisition of cloud gaming via Gaikai, the media streaming PS Vita TV and the claim by Shuhei Yoshida that Sony’s “ultimate goal [is] to deliver PlayStation games to all devices”.

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Jaqen_Hghar1894d ago

A man will be sad if there is no PS5 :(

A man is sure Nintendo will always stick with tradition at least.

Hicken1894d ago

There'll still be a PS5, because there still won't be sufficient enough internet infrastructure around the world for the next "console" to be fully digital. It's just not happening that fast.

theXtReMe11894d ago

I said this before, and I'll say it again. Internet ,worldwide, is not fast enough to stream high-definition gaming content to every home. If we had one large pipeline running across United States and The rest of the world then it may be possible. But as it stands, there is no way to keep it consistent across the board. What Sony is talking about probably won't be possible for 20 or 30 years or until the entire world adapts a single Internet solution that would guarantee fast and smooth service for every customer, everywhere.

Then, you have the issue of servers and how you implement enough to partake such a massive effort. I just think there is too many issues that can happen to make it possible within a generation. I don't know why all of these companies feel the need to move away from hardware-based solutions for gaming. They work just fine and their customer base is fine with them. You don't have to worry about issues with Internet service and networking. You turn them on, and they work. That is what people want, not some half-baked solution to stream stuff to their iPads and Android devices.

While I appreciate being able to stream my PS4 games to my Vita when I'm on vacation, I doubt the experience will be a seamless as Sony has promised everyone. One, a lot of people are on Internet plans that limit bandwidth to a certain amount of GBs per month. Like my Verizon account is 3 GB a month, though my cable is unlimited... It doesnt do me any good while Im on vacation trying to stream a game to my Vita. Sony has yet to say just how much bandwidth streaming and playing a game will take, thus we have no way of knowing if we will burn through an entire months worth of bandwidth... Until it happens.

There are just too many variables ,at this point, to make this a reality. Hardware has always been a viable solution, because it is immediate and in the users control. Knowing that when they hit the power button, it turns on or it doesnt. Either way, the user knows what is happening and isnt slave to remote servers and internet outages, along the pipeline. Beyond their control and usually out of earshot of the issues at hand.

Only time will tell, but Im more than happy to stick with the hardware solution, in consoles, to the end of time.

Jaqen_Hghar1893d ago

Sony and Microsoft probably want to move away from hardware because normally they take a loss on it. Though they could rectify this they have to compete with each other. A man thinks it'll be fine. Cell phones still get spec upgrades. PCs are still selling new $1000 GPUs every year. A man is sure the $300-600 console (at launch)will have a place for the foreseeable future.