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Submitted by whateva 855d ago | news

PlayStation 4 & AMD Radeon R9 290X GPU share the same 8 ACE ( Asynchronous Compute Engines )

Newly leaked slides from AMD's new Radeon R9 290X Hawaii GPU reveals that the Volcanic Islands GPU will also feature 8 Asynchronous Compute Engines much like the Liverpool GPU inside of Sony's new PS4.

Each of the 8 ACE's can manage up to 8 compute queues for a total of 64 compute commands, in comparison the HD 7970 only has 2 ACE's that could only queue 2 compute commands for a total of 4 & the Xbox One only has 2 ACE's but they also manage up to 8 compute queues for a total of 16 compute queues.

Could this mean that the PS4's GPU is also apart of AMD's Volcanic Islands family? (Next-Gen, PlayStation, PS4)

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M-M  +   855d ago | Well said
"Could this mean that the PS4's GPU is also apart of AMD's Volcanic Islands family?"

Of course, Sony is part of the HSA Foundation.
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thereapersson  +   855d ago | Well said
When Sony said custom architecture, they weren't kidding.

"Can saturate PCIe 3.0 x16 bus bandwidth"
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mewhy32  +   855d ago | Well said
Wow. It's already common knowledge that the PS4 is the most powerful console ever conceived. The GPU in the PS4 is leaps and bounds above any other console on the market or coming to the market.
DomceM  +   855d ago | Well said
not as good as highest end steambox. sorry.
XB1_PS4  +   855d ago
@DomceM "good" is not the right word. Ps4 will not be as "powerful", but it will most likely be better.
Benjammin25  +   855d ago | Well said
@DomceM Doesn't cost over a grand like a high end steam box.
nunley33  +   855d ago
@DomceM The steam box also isn't a console either, its still a small form pc that hooks up to your tv.
Eonjay  +   855d ago | Well said
This was actually old news. It basically means that in addition to having more raw power in Flops, it can also do more compute calculation per cycle (physics,ect) by a factor of 4 than the Xbox One. When we say the PS4 is more powerful, its not a fanboy thing... its a physics thing. I am not paying 20% more to get 1/4 the compute ability of a cheaper machine...
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GraveLord   855d ago | Trolling | show
gaffyh  +   855d ago | Helpful
Saw this on Neogaf which I found interesting, this is just about the GPU though:

1.18 TF GPU (12 CUs) for games
768 Shaders
48 Texture units
2 ACE/ 16 queues

1.84TF GPU (18 CUs) for games + 56%
1152 Shaders +50%
72 Texture units +50%
32 ROPS + 100%
8 ACE/64 queues +300%

This was posted a while ago, so it looks like the rumoured specs are accurate.
darthv72  +   855d ago
@gravelord...nobody ever thought that. in fact, fans on both sides knew neither system was using-off-the-shelf parts.
P0werVR  +   855d ago
...This is an astute observation, but come on fellas. Please don't run with this, you'll just look embarrassed at the end. Just like Xbox fanboy with his "insider" conversations.

Just wait until it comes DIRECTLY from Sony. So volcanic family?! NO! Asychronous Compute Engines?! YES!
osprey19  +   855d ago
@mewhy32. Did u not read the article? The article says it has the same specs (at least in this regard) as the xbox one.
DigitallyAfflicted  +   855d ago
Yeah baby bring it on sumo power :)
dantesparda  +   855d ago
Question, how do we know that the PS4 has 8 ACE's with 8 compute queues? Sony isnt talking (which is really annoying me), heck we dont even know what the CPU speed is (everyone just assumes 1.6ghz becuase of the VGleaks)
saber00005  +   855d ago
Did DomceM just created the Steam Fanboy club? Ohh... My...
Eonjay  +   855d ago
@dantesparda This isn't really new. Its been talked about for months. Remember all Mark Cerny's interviews where he says that the power Compute will be unlocked in about 2 years? Yeah it was stated back then that the GPU contains 8 ACE's. Thats where you get the GPGPU stuff from. The X1 also has ACEs that will be used for physics and what not, the PS4 just has 400% more.
The Killer  +   855d ago
PS4 is the most powerful console but not PC.

yes in the future or even maybe current times, there exist better GPUs than ps4, BUT at what cost?

how much will it cost us to have a new PC which has the same GPU and CPU throughput power? i doubt it will be anything less than a $1000 USD.

Plus, the console graphics can be fully optimized with time! so it gets only better within the first 3-4 years into the console life cycle.

if anyone can tell me if there is a PC right now that costs $400 USD and has the same power as ps4 then please let me know.
dantesparda  +   855d ago

Thanks, i hope you're right
thereapersson  +   855d ago
@gravelord...nobody ever thought that. in fact, fans on both sides knew neither system was using-off-the-shelf parts.


Actually that is a common point used by most PC fans and some Xbox fans. Pay more attention and you'll see it on comment forums all over the net.
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juggulator  +   855d ago

Mark Cerny confirmed it. He helped design the PS4's architecture.
Linwelin  +   855d ago
@nunley33 isn't that what the PS4 and XBone do ? running on similar hardware too, i fail to see the difference here, and steam has its own OS just like the other consoles.
sobekflakmonkey  +   854d ago

no my friend...this is next gen.(The Order 1886)
MarkusMcNugen  +   854d ago
@Benjammin25 and @nunley33

A stand-alone computer running a specialized OS specifically designed for entertainment and video games... what would you call that? Perhaps, a console. If you want to call the steambox a PC then so is the PS4 and the Xbox One, especially now that they share the same x86 architecture with PCs. And price doesnt matter, Sonys claim was that the PS4 was the most powerful console, unfortunately Valve's Steambox has now taken that claim away from Sony.
Eonjay  +   854d ago
@MarkusMcNugen its a PC. The parts are interchangeable with off the shelf parts. The term console indicate a closed systems. Like a PC or laptop, you can upgrade the Ram, and GPU of any SteamBox. It is essentially a PC. The Piston can however be considered a console because it is non-upgradeable.
UltimateMaster  +   854d ago
I hope it holds true.
AndrewLB  +   854d ago
The weakest steambox is more powerful than PS4. Get your facts straight
Mombasa69  +   854d ago
Not even 2 Titans can saturate PCIe 3.0x16 Bandwidth, what a load of old bollox.
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pyramidshead  +   855d ago
This is brilliant news if true :).
LostDjinn  +   855d ago
Agreed. At the very least it means that "gamble" with the ACEs wasn't a gamble at all. They'll be used for games on both PS4 and PC in future.

Edit: Because nobody's building a "gable" in the comments. :S
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G20WLY  +   855d ago
Yes, but what do NVIDIA say about this? Only then will we know for sure how good this is /S

...don't worry, they'll be along soon to say why it's not as good as their latest effort. lol *rolls eyes*
Benjammin25  +   855d ago
You're brilliant news if true.
HighResHero  +   855d ago
There were articles months ago talking about how PS4 would be using proprietary technology, similar to that used in AMD's upcoming GPUs and I think I remember APU technology.
If anyone has an article about the APU aspect, or any new info about it's unique architecture, please post it.
Now that that's covered, my Vita is out for delivery and the mailman should be here any minute. :]
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Lior  +   855d ago
The steambox can be classed as a console. It has a GTX titan, 780,770,760 which are all more powerful GPUs, EDIT you are contradicting yourself by saying steamboxes arent consoles persay and ps4 with its x86 chip and custom 7870 GPU isnt a pc, steambox has its own OS as well as the ps4 so what is the difference please tell me
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TIER1xWOLFPACKx  +   855d ago
Yes and no it's still a pc and not every steambox will have those parts as they are customisable some steam boxes will be weaker some more powerful. It's not even confirmed yet that valves own steambox will have gtx780,titan etc that was the prototype units. Also the psu for a steambox/machine is 450watt according to most websites and having a titan and an I4770k on that amount of power is just going to cause problems
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GamerXD  +   855d ago
Steam machines, should you say. Steam machines ain't consoles, but PCs. Yes they're almost consoles, but still different.
Rubberlegs  +   855d ago

That's not going cause any problems. That enough wattage for not overclocking and they probably aren't some cheap low brand psu. These will be packed in small cases too so your not going to have much in them besides the main components and a couple fans.
Rhaigun  +   855d ago
The fact you can install your own OS and switch out GPUs means it's not a console. Part of being a console is having closed architecture and a firm OS.
ShinMaster  +   855d ago
Steam Machines have their own OS but it's not a closed OS like the the PS4 or XBO. It can also run Windows OS. It functions like a PC.

It's not a console. It competes with Windows PCs.
MarkusMcNugen  +   854d ago
You are correct. People on here are just trying to find a way to separate the two, but they are both essentially the same thing now. A lot of people are unhappy about the Steambox being able to claim the most powerful console title now.

So a upgradable PS4 or Xbox One wouldnt be a console? Simply because it can be upgraded? Thats a ridiculous statement. If Microsoft or Sony announced tomorrow that a GPU could easily we swapped out for a new one it would cease to be a console? I think not. Power also wont be an issue as Im sure people will not be allowed to overclock the hardware. Im sure it will be in the ToS somewhere. Otherwise a warranty will be voided.

So by your account a PS3 was only half a console until they eliminated OtherOS? Because you could install your own OS on a PS3 and it functioned just like a PC. If they would have just released upgradeable GPUs, then it wouldnt have been a console anymore... No, I think not.

A console doesnt require a closed OS to be a console. And as I mentioned above to Rhaigun being able to install a third party OS doesnt make it a PC either. Or the PS3 would have been considered a PC. Its a new market. Its a PC designated for entertanment and video games. Its a PC that doubles as a console and competes against the PS4, Xbox One, Wii U, and PCs. It will be very entertaining to see how well it sells and what future holds for Valves hardware.

Frankly, I think everyone is trying to find a classification system that works for their opinions. We all know that a console has always been a specialized PC, and now we are seeing a specialized PC that can double as a regular PC as well. Its a console and a PC rolled into one box.

I guess the old adage was "Consoles are equal to PCs, but PCs are not equal to consoles" but that no longer applies in this case. Seems to me like we either need a new classification system, or we just start calling them all PCs with the difference being a closed ecosystem or open ecosystem.
Rhaigun  +   854d ago
Installing your own OS on the PS3 really served no purpose other than gaining easier access to internal files. Made it easier to hack. Hence the reason Sony discontinued the option. You couldn't run, say MS Office, or anything. Something you can do on a Steambox.

Look, I'm a fan of the Steambox. I wish I could afford to build one. But, I have no grand illusions about what it is. An SFF PC. Is it more similar to consoles than ever before? Yes. But, you're better off calling it a gaming system than a console.
AndrewLB  +   854d ago
According to the flops it's capable of, the PS4's gpu is much closer to the 7850 performance wise. The hd 7870 puts out 2560 gflops which we all know is a lot more than PS4.
Magicite  +   855d ago
I sense PlayStation Domination in soon future.
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otherZinc  +   855d ago
Does this mean:
The Drive Club is going to be both 1080p "native" @ 60fps?
Like Forza 5.

Are any PS4 games going to be 1080p "native" @ 60fps.
If so what are the games. Also, could I have a link stating as such?
cbuc1125  +   855d ago
Killzone Multiplayer=1080p/60
Deep Down=1080p/60

A game is 1080p/60 when the developers decide that it fits their design. Anymore questions?
Ezz2013  +   855d ago
Driveclub,Deep down,KillzoneSF,Infamous SS,Resogun etc of ps4 games are NATIVE 1080p

welcome to next gen
hope to see Xbox1 join the next gen club when they start show 1080p games outside of racing game that lack tons of things that last gen game like GT6 have and another 1080p game (driveclub) have as well
so far Forza5 have less cars,no weather effects,no night/day shift
kingduqc  +   855d ago
1080p was a standart on pc since like 2007 so yeah who cares really
DigitalRaptor  +   855d ago
Keep spouting your unsubstantiated nonsense about games not being native 1080p. Repeating it is not going to somehow make it true, it only encourages your delusions. You're just gonna keep getting owned, and it looks like you have already had your ass handed to you so far.

Deep Down is 1080/60.
Resogun is 1080/60.
Killzone is 1080/60 in its multiplayer.
inFamous: Second Son is reported to be pretty much 1080/60 (and that's open-world with immaculate detail and fast paced gameplay).
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solidboss07  +   854d ago
You moronic buffoon. Wait till we are past the launch window.
nosferatuzodd  +   854d ago
dude the only game on xbone that is 1080p is forza stop spewing rubish have you look at deep down or killzone or infamous or resogun they're all 1080p
nosferatuzodd  +   855d ago
otherZinc  +   854d ago
@Digital Raptor,

No one has owned me, where's the link with SONY or said Dev statingthe PS4 games that do "BOTH" 1080p "native" @ 60fps!

When the smoke clears, Forza 5 will be standing by itself in novemNovember at 1080p "native" @ 60fps.
koolaid251  +   855d ago
Flops mean nothing,the new Gpu are at like 4 teraflops now.They're way better that Ps4 and xbox 1 combined so what does that say about teraflops?
BallsEye  +   855d ago
Stop dreaming guys. It was confirmed sony uses sea islands, just like ms with XO...this card is a beast and if it would be in ps4 you would see all of the games run 60 fps 4k res >.>
DonFreezer  +   855d ago
If I could I would report this to FBI because the double standard is almost killing it. When someone like misterxmedia talks something like that for the Xbox One you all bush him and laugh. And this all seems legit and wonderful for your precious PS4 using as a source a blog post? Are you that delusional? Are you that stupid? Who in the world will the PS4 cost 399 and feature tech from a 499 GPU is a serious question to all of sony sheep.
BlackTar187  +   855d ago
except MisterX is wrong about everything and changes his facts to fit his story not the story to fit the facts.
Persistantthug  +   855d ago
Didn't that guy say/imply that the XBONE would have like 2 or 3 Gpus?

Yeah......I'm still laughing at that nonsense.
Brix90  +   854d ago
And that sir is why you have one bubble
assdan  +   855d ago
I think this means that they secretly put a 290x in! Wow and at the bargain of $400. THAT $300 LESS THAN THE ACTUAL CARD ITSELF!!!!!! (This was sarcasm by the way)
JimmyLmao  +   855d ago | Funny
no one can find the Xbox One's secret dGPU because Microsoft hid it in the PS4!
waltyftm  +   855d ago
Very funny indeed.
windblowsagain  +   855d ago
That was Harrison double agent agenda. To hide the extra gpu inside PS4.
Ezz2013  +   855d ago
Harrison: let's put secret dGPU in Xbox1

Greenberg: tha...that's great idea, i will definitely tell them to start working on it now

Harrison: ok
*go to his office and lock the door*

Greenberg: yeah, i definitely will NOT do that

*then "Kaz" take his mask off and leave with trolling laugh*
#2.1.2 (Edited 855d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(5) | Report
pyramidshead  +   855d ago
PS4 IS the XB1's second dGPU! The master plan on building a united console must have fallen through!
MasterCornholio  +   855d ago
But how would that work?

Letme guess, you just plug the PS4 into the Xbox One via the HDMI in port and you got your second (more powerful GPU)

Wouldn't it be cheaper to just buy a PS4?


I'm just kidding.

Nexus 7 2013
Ezz2013  +   855d ago
lol hehe
#2.3 (Edited 855d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
reko  +   855d ago

ohhhhhhh snap!!
DEEBO  +   855d ago
ha now that's funny!
The_Infected  +   855d ago
What exactly would this mean if it shared the same?
KrisButtar  +   855d ago
I would like to know as well. Does it change anything if they are the same?
thehitman  +   855d ago
It kinda only means that all development for the newer cards that have the same architecture will benefit each other since developers will learn one design but be able to optimize for both the PC and the PS4 at the same time. Means better software optimizations. PC gamers who invest in those cards will benefit the most. Since console developers usually have to spend lots of time optimizing anyway.
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black0o  +   855d ago
to put simple PS4 gpu belong to next-gen of AMD's gpu series
FlyingFoxy  +   855d ago
That's not simple, just obvious thinking.. and we don't know that yet.

That's like saying the 6870 is more powerful than the 5870 just because it has a higher model number, and for anyone who's even a little into tech would know that's not true.
ABizzel1  +   855d ago
It's funny that you mention that, because if this is true then the PS4 is actually closer to the HD 8970m or upcoming 9000m, and it's looking more and more like the XB1 is either an updated 6950m or 8870m.
Magicite  +   855d ago
I think PS4 will be very very similar to PC, so making games and ports will be much easier than ever before.
Dante81  +   854d ago
Great for PS4 gamers, and great for PC gamers as well(like myself).
forcefullpower  +   855d ago
8 ACE's Must be really shit if it has that many. I'v been told by Microsoft that they are crap after two. /s
OlgerO  +   855d ago
Then it could be true since microsoft speaks the truth 8 % of the time
showtimefolks  +   854d ago
Lol 8% lol
cell989  +   855d ago
hahahahaha!!!! nice try troll
KwietStorm  +   855d ago
cell989  +   855d ago
@KweitStorm yes Im positive Forcefullpower was trolling with such a statement with no documentation to back it
Petro  +   854d ago
Let me guess, you have no idea what /s represents?
iiwii  +   854d ago

I'm pretty sure it was meant as sarcasm (/s = end of sarcasm)
Ohlmay  +   855d ago
Most likely based off the Volcanic GPU's from AMD.
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FlyingFoxy  +   855d ago
Pretty sad that a card of this power cannot even bring 60+fps in all games, but then again that's at 4k resolution link here

of course, for 1080p and 1440p this card should be a complete beast, way better than anything in the new consoles.

Plus GDDR6 will be out next year, maybe worth holding out for that if anyone wants to upgrade by then.
#6 (Edited 855d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(35) | Report | Reply
solar  +   855d ago
Ive been wanting to upgrade but im waiting to see what Nvidia is going to release with Maxwell. should be interesting early next year.
FlyingFoxy   855d ago | Trolling | show
KazHiraiFTW  +   855d ago

If you want to upgrade don't bother waiting. Maxwell won't see the light of day until Q3 2014 most likely. And from what I've read its a lot more costly to manufacture on the 20nm process so expect astronomical prices at launch. Also I wouldn't be surprised if Nvidia releases it's GM104 mid range chip as its flagship again and waits to unleash the GM110 for the 900 series. Really not pumped for Maxwell atm.
MRMagoo123  +   855d ago
I am pretty sure every "sony fanboy" knows the ps4 cant do 4k games considering thats what they where all saying in the article where MS was saying the xbone can do 4k games if the devs want to make them, everyone knows both of them wont be doing 4k games i cant imagine anyone actually cares tho , one of the main reasons is pretty much no one has a 4k tv and probably wont for a few more years at least.

what i dont get is why you are trying to start an argument in the first place, you got some disagrees who the f cares, i will get some and i wont care because i wont come back to check anyway.
FlyingFoxy   855d ago | Off topic | show
WarThunder  +   855d ago

Im a PC fan and i disagreed with your post. Because ur post is irrelevant. You can not compare a $600+ card to a $400 console...

I agree AMD Radeon R9 290X its a beast. but its like your comparing the R9 290X ($600) to a HD7870 ($200) and ofcourse the R9 290X is way faster....

If the R9 290X shares the same 8 ACE with PS4's GPU then this is good news for PC. PC-PS4 will have the same level of optimization.

And trust me in 2014 all PS4 exclusive games will run at 1080p 60fps.

Edit: btw, i don't understand why you bring up 4k res. Right now i really don't care about 4k res and no one should. Cause most TVs and monitors that support 4k res cost over $3000.
#6.3 (Edited 855d ago ) | Agree(27) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
FlyingFoxy  +   855d ago
I agree with most of your post except the last bit, Crysis 3 still struggles to get 60fps @ 1080p on PC... so yeah. No way PS4 will get a constant 60+fps, that will likely be the average framerate, not minimum.
WarThunder  +   855d ago

Yea but keep in mind Crysis 3 struggles at 60fps @ 1080p on PC only if you set it on Ultra high settings.

On Ultra high setting it uses very high textures res, Tessellation, high res particles lighting. But if you reduce it from ultra settings to high settings, you will get the same general results with some minor differences.
And with a card like HD7870 u can constant 60fps ;)

So a good optimized game on the PS4 can also manage 60fps on a good textures, particles and lighting quality.
#6.3.2 (Edited 855d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(3) | Report
KazHiraiFTW  +   855d ago
Keep dreaming Warthunder, not all PS4 games run at 1080p 60fps. Guerilla already stated KZSF will not be a consistent 60fps. Not good for an exclusive shooter where 60fps really makes a difference especially in MP. Another good example is Ryse. Crytek didn't have enough power for 1080p.

If developers want to push boundaries and continue to improve graphics they will have to make compromises. That means 30fps and sub 1080p for consoles. 8 years ago MS and sony claimed the 360 and ps3 would be 1080p. How many games actually ran at that resolution? I could probably count on 1 hand.
#6.3.3 (Edited 855d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(14) | Report
WarThunder  +   855d ago | Well said
@KazHiraiFTW "Keep dreaming?"

Really? we will see later on.

Guerrilla Games said that KZSF is 1080p and most of the time runs at 60fps. This means that at heavy explosions and heavy particles the FPS will drop below 60fps.

This is good news considering that its a launch title...

If you have some knowledge about consoles, you would know that every console launch game did not run properly compared to later games.

So i give them some time and with optimization they can get 1080p 60fps.

" ps3 would be 1080p. How many games actually ran at that resolution? I could probably count on 1 hand."

I don't think you have more than 2 hands or 10 fingers. Because there was around 29 PS3 games running on native 1080p. So the claims were correct.
#6.3.4 (Edited 855d ago ) | Agree(14) | Disagree(6) | Report
KazHiraiFTW  +   855d ago
LOL 29 games in 8 years. Sorrrrrry for my poor estimation. Most of those games were indie btw. Any big budget games going for nice graphics such as Uncharted were 720 or below. But I'm sure you know this.

If you have any knowledge about consoles you would know that the new ones use x86 architecture same as PC, which the developers are already very familiar with, unlike the ps3 which was very difficult to develop for at launch. Devs will pretty much be able to max out the PS4 and xdone at launch and everything i've seen so far does not bode well for either system as far as a huge graphical increase for this gen. Definitely not as much as last gen. Sure there will be a couple nice exclusives, which is why I will end up getting a PS4 at some point, but 1080p 60fps for every game is just a pipe dream. Sorry, not gonna happen.
#6.3.5 (Edited 855d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(17) | Report
johndoe11211  +   855d ago

What you don't seem to get is that even though it uses the same x86 architecture as pc, console optimizations are very very different. The devs will not be able to max out the system at launch.

Your argument is irrelevant. It is obvious you don't have a clue about console architecture. Devs will take a couple years before they can fully max the potential of both the ps4 and the xbox one. Consoles are not pc's.
windblowsagain  +   855d ago
Nobody cares about 4K.

It's extreme.

Rez is relative to the monitor you own.

Native always looks perfect if your running 1080p on a pure 1080p monitor.

If you run 720p or even 1440x900 or even 1680x1050 on a native 1080p monitor the image is not clear.
amnalehu  +   855d ago
I think it is a misconception that ALL games could not be done @ 60FPS. I think most of that is the developers trying to keep the games equal across the platforms. If BF4 and Killzone can run at FPS on PS4, just about any game should be able to as well.
steve30x  +   855d ago
@ FlyingFoxy : Even if the facts hit some of the people on N4G hard in the face they will disagree.
mmj  +   854d ago
If PS4 has any frame-rate issues it will be because of the **** CPU, not the GPU.

They would have been better off with a fast quad core.
windblowsagain  +   854d ago
Stop talking rubbish/

You can bring any card to it's knees, you don't know graphically what these games are pushing.

As for people saying pc 1080p since blah blah.

Yeah those games look like crap to what there is now.

Rez is not the most important thing. Anyone with common sense knows this.

1080p is fine for today. Because most tv's are max 1080p.

You can always add alittle, or drop alittle to run a game at a certain rez, and nobody would even know.

Also optimization happens in the latter stages of development.
robleroy  +   855d ago
I could imagine that for crossplatform titles developers would be to lazy to make use of them (otherwise BF4 would for sure run 1080P).
As I could see it . They would be put mostly to good use for exclusive titles which would try to make use of very intense graphics. but then to downsize graphical glitches(like texture popups etc). i reckon killzone and deepdown making use of more than 2 (probably 4 )

It just makes developing easier for the ps4.
but considering the ps4 is already more powerful then the xbone. there would be less needing of the extra ACE engines to fix glitches concerning crosplatform titles.

this is good news for the exclusive game titles developers.

pc game platforms already have the most powerfull gpu available.. the 8 ACE is just nice to have. but certainly not needed. graphical glitches on pc platforms are excused away like "you need more memory," "you need a faster CPU" or "you need a faster GPU"...
pc games are barely optimized (just try to run a game like the last of us on a current high performance pc at 720p)
The midrange $800 gamerpc hardware could barely keep up with an 8 year console with very weak hardware specifications (0.256 GB mem etc etc).
and every month there is a beta driver update for pc gpu's which increases game performance. (this is proof that not even the drivers are very optimized)
#7 (Edited 855d ago ) | Agree(14) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
OrangePowerz  +   855d ago
I kind of doubt it's part of the same family given at what timevthe GPU for the PS4 needed to be fiinished. It's likely tough that they used the knowledge they learned during making that new chip to work out the GPU for the PS4.
xXxSeTTriPxXx  +   854d ago
Makes sense
iiwii  +   853d ago
Wasn't there an article on AMD where it was said the PS4 GPU technology was going to be used in some of the cards they released this year?
Nocando  +   855d ago
Man, you people are quick to jump to conclusions based off of a number.
wishingW3L  +   855d ago
random blog from a random person talking about a leak that we don't even know if it's real and somehow making a really silly comparison based on just 1 number.... Sometimes you just have to wonder if N4G is really a site for news or just hoaxes for the fanboys. =/
MRMagoo123  +   855d ago
Kinda like the articles about MS having some secret extra gpu that even MS didnt know was there huh? Didnt stop 5 or 6 of those articles popping up all leading back to one source MisterXmedia thats as close to the truth as harry potter.
mrdeli  +   855d ago
teh cloud will speed u up

Tooly  +   855d ago
teh cloud is 1337
cell989  +   855d ago
powa of ze cloud is unparalleled!!!
weirdo  +   855d ago
in regards to 4K gaming, i'd love to see a limbo 4K release - it could be done!
xKugo  +   855d ago
Despite how great this news may be, it doesn't change the fact that this console will be severely out-dated and out-classed by a mid-high end gaming PC and more than likely will be limited by it's direct competition to keep parity between the consoles. I don't care what you believe and what developers tell you, they're not going to make the PS4 version better just to appease it's fans. So out-dated hardware, limited more by it's competitor=inadequate to PC in my eyes. No amount of asynchronous engines can change that.

Does however spell good news for people planning to invest in the new line of R7&R9 GPUs. Would more than likely receive better optimization for their games seeming as the GPU within in them appears to be akin to the PS4. AMD's flagship GPU, the R9 290x, could possibly severely outperform it's competition in the GTX Titan and GTX 780, particularly at higher resolutions. Great news for the red team..
t3rrorc3ll  +   855d ago
Does anybody care? As stated previously I have a beast gaming pc sli gtx670 and I still prefer the console experience
xKugo  +   854d ago
Right, so you spent over $1200 bucks on just a graphics card set-up and you prefer consoles? Lmao, suuuure. There is nothing consoles have over PC at all. I don't know why you expect anybody to believe that piece of bullshit you just typed.

Fact still remains, consoles are vastly inferior and nothing anybody can say will change that. Deal with it...
bratman  +   854d ago

"There is nothing consoles have over PC at all."

Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2, Red Dead Redemption, Uncharted 2, Last of Us & LittleBigPlanet are some of the highest scoring games of this generation..

I dont know about you bud, but i play video games... not resolutions & frames per second :D
4logpc  +   855d ago
Wasn't it confirmed the ps4 and one were based off Southern Islands... Keep dreaming.
jlo  +   855d ago
This is fairly meaningless and won't exactly improve performance. Examples? BF4 720p, Watch Dogs 30fps
PFFT  +   854d ago
Killzone SF MP "SOMETIMES" 60fps
3 people shoot at the same time and all goes to hell.
jlo  +   855d ago
It could have 4000 Asynchronous Compute Engines. It wouldn't make up for the fact that it has a low number of stream processors (what really matters) and hence can't run all games in 1080p 60fps (Which is the last gen standard. Forget about 4k, the actual next gen standard)

Fanboys will eat anything up if it sounds 'advanced', without actually knowing what it means.
okmrman  +   855d ago
so why isnt battlefield 4 1080p
svoulis  +   855d ago
I think it has to do with EA and their agreement with Microsoft.

I am just speculating here, but if Killzone Can run multiplayer @ 1080p 60fps why can't BF4 on PS4.

I would imagine Microsoft was like "make sure they are almost identical, we paid for exclusive content etc."
Pandamobile  +   855d ago
KZSF doesn't run always run at 60 FPS lol.

They've stated on several occasions that it runs at a variable framerate of between 30 and 60 FPS. BF4 could probably run at 1080p60 on PS4, but not with 64 players and destructible environments. Be reasonable with your expectations, bro.
Haules  +   855d ago

PlanetSide 2 has 2000 players online. And its gonna run at 1080p 60fps on PCUltra settings.
SniperControl  +   855d ago

Didn't GG say that the MP was confirmed at 1080p@60, while the SP had 1080p@30/60?
Azfargh  +   855d ago
Is not a matter of "just because they did it I can make it too"...

Killzone is a tight multiplayer... classic deathmatch style.

Battlefield is closer to a "sandbox" feel... vehicles, huge maps and destructible environment. Already for the scale of the maps itself it already explain why still under FullHD.
ssj27  +   855d ago
Actually it does run on solid 60fps but they state the obvious, and say that in heavy situations like the 24 players using a grabade at the same time on the same part of the map can cause deep downs on the fps.

That virtually happen or can happen on any game and even hgh end PC's .

KZSF actually has 48 entities counting the bots something bf4 does not have.. so is not that far from the 64 bf4 has.

And environment design like destruction and size are part of the mp design and gameplay, why will KZSF have huge maps and destruction if the gameplay design is not that? It will ruin the gameplay.

And don't say KZSF maps are small theyhave big and small maps that fit their gameplay..

You just put excuses like if GG could not have bigger maps and destruction if they want to add it but it's not true, its just not part of KZSF gameplay, it will ruin the gameplay.

KILLZONE MP gameplay has always been about team work tactical close combat with open areas and close corridors mixs and very smart map design.
#16.1.5 (Edited 855d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(4) | Report
BallsEye  +   855d ago
DId you even see the last killzone build? It looks bad and slow compared to battlefield, thus 60 fps and full hd with zero anti-aliasing (look at the cloth!)

I bet Knack not running 60 fps is also because of microsoft.

Stop dreaming its a wonder machine. It will be fun to jump on next-gen and I'll be enjoying it, but you guys make yourself look stupid, thinking it will be anything on par with modern beefed up PC's. I rarely game on my PC but even Metro Last Light looks better than anything showed so far on next gen ..way better (except Ryse, characters look phenomenal)
Pandamobile  +   855d ago
Planetside has 2000 players in a server. I don't think I've ever seen more than 40 or 50 in a given area. Plus, Battlefield 4 has a lot more going on than PS2 or KZSF.
gameonbro  +   855d ago
microsoft says they can scale up to 1080 so why isnt bf4 1080 again? fanboys are so pathetic.
Ju  +   855d ago
You realize, you posted cropped zoom ins from KZ and a shot from Metro Last Night running at 11 (!) fps.

A MP game with selective screen shot running 1080@60 vs. a SP (?) in slide show mode. Are you serious?

Hey, I can do that, too:

#16.1.9 (Edited 855d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(1) | Report
reko  +   855d ago
#16.2 (Edited 855d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
windblowsagain  +   855d ago
Panda that was 60fps during combat, they said the slight drops would be during death animations or things that are not during gameplay.

I think PS4 version will be 1080p.

Xboxone will be either 720p full.

or 1080p with details missing.

Also panda, BF4 was patched on pc and runs alot better now for me.
Ju  +   855d ago
BTW: Nobody actually ever mentioned to what it drops. It might be anything ... from 57 to 30 - and I doubt it ever goes under 30.

Now, BF4 is a complete different story. I believe FB3 isn't ready, just yet. But it's on EA's clock and has to get out, no matter what. The game runs awesome on the PS3 - stable frame rate and all (probably because it's built around stable core tech), but it just wouldn't work right on my PC. All this is telling me, Dice is on a tight deadline and haven't pushed the envelop for the launch window.
#17.1 (Edited 855d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
TheKayle1  +   855d ago
no as already everyone know ps4 and xb1 came form the same "island" ...

this gpu can do 5.6tf and have a bw of more than 300gb/s

ps4 can do if all gone good (never possible) 1.8tf and 176gb/s

yeah cost less and blablalbalba...

ps4 have nothing to do with new amd gpus
GTgamer  +   855d ago
Custom Architecture "CUSTOM" do you know what that means smh look why are you basing what you know about Pc parts when we know that pc have bottlenecks which is why consoles can get more out of the hardware why do people overlook that anyway ill wait til actual devs give more statements than listen to your expertise. Thank you very much
Haules  +   855d ago
I bet you don't even have a tiny slightly idea what you are talking about and your comment has nothing to with the topic.

Your just a insecure MS fanboy.
#18.2 (Edited 855d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
reko  +   855d ago

spewing BS huh?
pyramidshead  +   855d ago
Ju  +   855d ago
So much I agree. The PS4's GPU has nothing in common with this latest AMD GPU other than the number of ACEs. Probably some tech made it from the PS4 into the new GPU, but it isn't the same series.
TheKayle1  +   854d ago
really theres something wrong with u guys...pc dont have bottlenecks an high end pc is just "x" times more powerful than ps4 and xb1 taped together..expecially now that "special" drivers to code to the metal r coming to pcs (mantle,new opengl,directx)

everything in pcs have higher specs...from the cpu to the ddr and ssds from the gpu to the br drive and also probably the usb 3 if u use some booster (like the ones in asus montehrboards)...and would be crazy if wasnt like this coz u play at least 1000$ for a nice pc

again..theres nothing in common with the ps4/xb1 gpu that come from Southern Islands HD 7xxx serie with the volcano island serie

whatever they r they come from there...maybe u will have some tech customized in the new consoles but nothing that can put on the same lvl that gpus to the new volcano islands gpu just look at the tdp and u will realize why

ps. ill buy both console.but for excvlusives not coz this console r NEXT GEN...theres nothing of next gen in this two console...but some fanboys here r just delusional
#18.6 (Edited 854d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
vandal GAB  +   855d ago
Ps4 will be a great companion to my gaming PC, looks like I will be getting the best out of both worlds! Happy days.
#19 (Edited 855d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
worldwidegaming  +   855d ago
If only everyone else shared our views we would get better quality games...
Instead we get hate,name calling and trolls under the bridge...
svoulis  +   855d ago
I feel the same exact way :D

My PC will play the games that I think will be better for PC.

My fear for BF4 on PC is lack of players :\. I mean its hard to find a good server as it is on BF3. But we'll see.

But I am getting a PS4 and Have a very good gaming rig. So I am set :D

Bubble up for just gaming!
t3rrorc3ll  +   855d ago
The problem wasn't finding a server. It was finding some people who were interested in playing different maps. Not the same map over and over again
Xtremist  +   855d ago
So every pc gpu out there is outdated in comparison with PS4 and the first gpu who will match this technology is not out yet.
I would like to know how some pc-Clowns feel right now about wasting boatloads of money to build powerful but technologically inferior pcs and then they were bragging about it in the net...
Jeffwiggle  +   855d ago
I highly doubt that ps4 is an exact replica of r290 as the ps4 won't have enough power(voltage) to run this card.
sorane  +   855d ago
I would like to know how some ignorant console-Clowns get bubbles with posts like this. The stupidity in posts like these is just amazing......
imchuckbass  +   855d ago
Haha you fell for it. They quoted a meaningless statistic that the PS4 GPU has in common with the 290x, to try and pretend that they're both equally powerful, hoping some idiot fanboy who doesn't understand technology thinks 'wow! they're both so like advanced and powerfulz!'

The 290x would destroy the PS4 GPU. Heck, AMD (and Nvidia) parts from years ago would destroy the PS4 GPU.

Proof? Battlefield 4 in 720p. Watchdogs in 30fps. Brought to you by your 'next gen' consoles.

The only thing 'technologically inferior' is the junk they've put in the next gen consoles, which they're trying to position as 'next gen', yet it struggles to meet LAST gen standards (1080p) and has no hope in hell of meeting actual next gen standards (4k)

Enjoy another 7 years of "ooo I hope this game is 1080p 60fps! Yeaaah the devs confirmed it".

But hey, if all else fails, maybe the PS5 will be able to use all the pixels on the 1080p tv you bought 10 years ago? (by which time, everyone else will be on 8k)

They're recession-friendly poverty boxes, using cheap components, which will only hold the industry back (again).
t3rrorc3ll  +   855d ago
You sir take the cake as biggest moron on n4g. What's in the ps4 is next gen (next gen console) for those who are happy with the specs. What we have here is a console that is powerful enough in it's very small form factor. Sure I can build a monster pc in a small (ish) case but the heat is always a factor. PC tech is ahead of course but I'm glad the PC zealots are testing equipment for future consoles. And for all who say but but but 4k gaming is PC domain. Okay it might be but do you have a 4k television set? Because the couch is the best place to play video games
Brix90  +   854d ago
4k may be here but it's not the standard in homes I can careless about 4k if consoles support it cool if not I'll live.
LordDhampire  +   855d ago
while pc game are generally way less optimized, hench why the gap from console to pc isn't as big as it should be....I believe pc's will really start to shine now that some games are making a 64 bit operating system a requirement
Thunderhawkxbox  +   855d ago
Yeah ok another pure BS from Sony fan boys to say ps4 can do this lol
Ezz2013  +   855d ago
believe in teh cloud to give 1000+% more Raw power that can destroy the earth
#21.1 (Edited 855d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
reko  +   855d ago

another butthurt person LOL.
Kyur4ThePain  +   855d ago
Stopped reading at "apart". Pathetic.
Pillsbury1  +   855d ago
Ps4 most powerful confirmed, again.
TemplarDante  +   855d ago
kingduqc  +   855d ago

the 290x is like 3 times faster then the gpu inside the ps4..
Bolts  +   855d ago
The proof is not in the pudding in regards to the PS4 power to performance. This is a console that still lacks the horse power to run BF4 in 1080p despite AMD forking over 8 mil to EA and Dice for Mantle coding. You would think such partnership would lead heavy and carefully crafted optimizing on the PS4 hardware in which Mantle is in some way based on but nope.

Still can't render BF 4 in 1080p. The fact that BF 4 is in 900p on the PS4 while 720p on the Xbone tells me this not some throttling or laziness on Dice part but rather the simple truth that "most powerful console" is seriously lacking in power but rich in PR and fanboy bullshit.
Kyur4ThePain  +   854d ago
You are correct - the proof is not in the pudding. The proof of the pudding is in the eating.
It's called English.
Bolts  +   854d ago
Nobody ever say "the proof of pudding is in the eating" retard. You should spend less time googling your English and spend more time outside.
Kyur4ThePain  +   854d ago
I don't google (sic) my English. I have something called an education. Go Google that.
GmIsOnPt360  +   855d ago
WHEN WHEN can we see the fruits of this? this just seems like more the cell is king talk. i need to see screenshots, gameplay showing massive superiority not just tech speak
DJ  +   855d ago
It's not like Microsoft deliberately underpowered Xbox One. Both MS and Sony worked in the dark when designing their consoles. Sony just lucked out by having Mark Cerny on board. And that guy has massive foresight simply because of his knowledge of game development
Badassbab  +   855d ago
I don't think it's luck. Sony decided to build a games console first while MS had to 'balance' it's console design philosophy to take into account Kinect 2.0, 3 OS and TV.

Where they got really screwed was they (nor anyone else) anticipated PS4 with 8GBS of GDDR5 and how the market (or core gamers to be honest) reacted with such disdain at MS focus on an all in one entertainment system, DRM, Kinect privacy issues and other anti-consumer things rather than building the best 'video games' console.

I honestly think if MS built a powerful console that was more than a match for the PS4, didn't force Kinect 2.0 down peoples throat(or it was thrown in for free to stay competitive), focused on video games from the get go than they may have gotten away with some of the DRM crap they wanted to implement.
#28.1 (Edited 855d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
TABSF  +   855d ago
Expect the PS4 is no where near as powerful.
It's like comparing a Fiat Panda to a Ferrari 458 Italia

1152 Shaders
72 TMUs
32 ROPs

Radeon R9 290X
5.63Tflop/s - 206%
2816 Shaders - 144%
176 TMUs - 144%
64 ROPs - 100%
T2  +   855d ago
who would even make that comparison? its about value for your money , I wouldn't buy a 1000 dollar gaming rig even though I easily could afford it. Just like I would never buy a 250k car because i think cars are a waste of money too...

"Radeon R9 290X listed between $549 and $729"

so what is your point ?
Badassbab  +   855d ago

PS4 most powerful console ever? No shit sherlock. It would be ridiculously stupid if it was less powerful than current gen so that leaves it up against 2 contenders (or 1 if we don't include the Wii U). Not exactly the same as trying to compare the worlds best tank, attack helicopter, jet fighter, submarine etc.

P.S Not including Steambox which in it's mid and top tier incarnation will wipe the floor with the PS4.
LordDhampire  +   855d ago
steambox, is not a fricken console....
Ju  +   854d ago
Big expectations from Valve and the Steam box, huh? Unless one of those guys (Asus or who ever) can sell millions of SteamMachines, those will never reach the price/performance ratio of the next gen consoles. Guess there is a reason why a Xi3 Piston goes for $1000...consoles will stay relevant...and the controller doesn't really help either.
Idba  +   854d ago
A steambox is a fucking PC, hence why you can choose what you want in it.
Badassbab  +   854d ago
To then SDF- Please go edit these Wikipedia pages if you're so sure of yourself.
#30.4 (Edited 854d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
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