Dark Souls II beta test times confirmed

El33tonline writes:

"Yesterday evening Namco Bandai emailed out Dark Souls II beta invites to select PlayStation Network users in PAL territories."

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tom1105841018d ago

me neither - pity that the beta testing period is so brief though...

Irishguy951018d ago

Yeah, this is a proper Beta though, not just a Stress test Demo like most beta's these days.

tom1105841018d ago

true - i just wonder if there'll be any more testing days before the 27th?

RBlue_Desire1018d ago (Edited 1018d ago )

I got the beta, i got the beta. :D

Though 2 hours is really small time frame sadly.
<_< wait, i can't play it sadly, it will be 12:30 am here.

jerethdagryphon1018d ago

Wish I got it youd think they prioritised those who put time in on others

Grave1018d ago

Never got an email. Makes me cry when I think of hundreds of beta invites just sitting there in someone's inbox and they could give two sh*ts about the game. Hopefully I'll get in on the next round. :*-(

admiralvic1017d ago

They also had a multiuse code, which was posted around 2 am EST. No site reported it, since it would be dead by the time anyone really saw it, but they did give everyone ample chance.

Grave1017d ago

Nooooooo! omg how did I not know that arrrrgh!

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