Xbox Division head Julie Larson named one of the “Most Powerful Women in Tech”

Julie Larson is a senior employee at Microsoft, who received the task of handling the division of Xbox after the resignation of previous president Don Mattrick.

She is a executive at Microsoft and has been working for them for 20 years now. She was placed in the list of “Most Powerful Women in Tech” recently by Fortune Magazine.

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Picnic1890d ago (Edited 1890d ago )

Nobody's heard her say a word about the Xbox One in public! If power means never having to say anything then let's say nothing about what is unknowable other than the fact that she got herself a well paid job. But I tell you that her silence does not endear me at all to the Xbox One, regardless of how good the product might be.

Mikefizzled1890d ago

She probably won't even make it to E3. She was in the running for Microsoft CEO with only Stephen Elop really getting better odds.

Godmars2901890d ago

Looking at the launch of a major product, with several conventions and promotional events since then with more to go, and she's only made one appearance with no real statement. She's never been interviewed while all that's been seen or heard from MS PR are the men who were in place before she was announced.

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nukeitall1890d ago

Jule Larson Green heads more than just the Xbox division, and just took over the reigns. She got people working for her communicating to us.

And if I may add, MS has been extremely open compared to the competition's near silence.

SniperControl1890d ago

"And if I may add, MS has been extremely open compared to the competition's near silence"

Oh please Nuke.....really??

C'mon, Sony are always talking to thier fans, just look at Shuhei Yoshda on twitter.

nukeitall1890d ago


We actually know very little about the PS4 hardware. All we have really heard is, "supercharged pc", gpgpu is importan, but nothing significant about the PS4 architecture.

Is it really just off the shelf parts?

That said, Yoshida has my deepest respect. He is a great guy and been great towards the PlayStation community. Don't really care for the Playstation executives that reek of condescendingness (MS head executives too, those not in development) though. The PS blog has been great too and Mark Cerny, but where are the freaken details?

Riderz13371890d ago

What details? They've already said it's the most powerful console ever created. That's enough details for me =)

SniperControl1890d ago

I do kinda agree with you on the PS4 front, but i think both need to be more transparent with their consoles.

Lets not make a habit of agreeing again ok? lol

nukeitall1890d ago


"What details? They've already said it's the most powerful console ever created. That's enough details for me =)"

Well, the ignorant crowd is what Sony is targeting those comments too.

Most powerful can be measured in many ways. Thus the Xbox One could also be claimed to be the most powerful console by MS measured by their yardstick.

So if Sony claims it is the most powerful console, they should not fear showing the innards like MS does, even though it is supposed to be "inferior".

Red_Devilz1890d ago

"And if I may add, MS has been extremely open compared to the competition's near silence."

Too bad Sony doesn't have to back peddle from their decisions about PS4. Really bad, Sony. Look how amazing job MS is doing about being "extremely open". Wish Sony had some evil plans about DRMs, Spy cameras, shitty hardware at more than premium price. May be then Sony would have to break their mysterious silence.

Call me Sony fanboy. 'cause I'm really enjoying being one. :D

OT- No one heard about this lady at E3 because MS had no plans to replace the earlier clown. It all started when $hit hit the fan at E3. Hope you remember that.

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Goku7811890d ago

That just shows she's not stupid enough to get caught up in super storm Xbox One. Having to defend a product that headlines bad news almost every day, is time that could be better spent on anything else.

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Ohlmay1890d ago

She makes me some what confident in the Xbox One since she created Windows 7

fluxmulder1890d ago ShowReplies(2)
wishingW3L1890d ago

just like Obama winning a nobel peace prize when he was first elected. He did absolutely nothing to earn it.

maniacmayhem1890d ago

He is very wrong Godmars.

Because she's not visible means she did nothing to earn her spot?

If she's not visible it only means she's doing her job and not fooling around with other crap.

This nitpicking needs to stop.

Godmars2901890d ago

Actually, was talking about Obama getting a peace prize for really no reason.

But on subject, when everyone else in the company but her has said something in regards to the XB1, while everyone at Sony has said something about the PS4, the question why there appears to be no quotes from the head of that division should be asked.

Not like Mattrick was hard to find.

Then again, it could be that no games sites have done any coverage of her. Which then speaks badly of them.

lastofgen1890d ago

Have you even bothered to look at her work history?
She's not exclusive to the xbox division, a division for which she just got promoted to.

Godmars2901890d ago

But the point is she is now the head of the Xbox division and has no visibility since being announced. Phil Harrison has been far more visible.

4Sh0w1890d ago (Edited 1890d ago )

Lets say for a second you are right. So what? These are the tiny insignificant things that nobody outside a few fanboys even thinks about. 99.99% of people looking to buy an X1 are thinking about games, plus other hardware features, etc included with X1. None are waiting or care that she hasnt done an interview because there really isnt any insight she can offer thats going to make anyone buying or not buying run out and buy a X1. Digging deeper X1 has been in dev for awhile it launches in little more than a month what can she possibly say that is going to be change anything in terms of what is going to be in consumers hands on Nov 22nd?

Strikepackage Bravo1890d ago

Well Julie had nothing to do with any of the decisions that were made before the Xbox One launch. At that time Don was still in charge, word is he was talking with Zynga long before he left Microsoft. I think he agreed to stay on with Microsoft until the launch of the console, meaning when he was making a lot of decisions about the launch of XBO, his head was not in the game, he was probably thinking more about his strategy for his new CEO position.

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