Gamestyle reviews Crayola Treasure Adventures

Gamestyle reports:
''The Nintendo DS continues to cross boundaries and appeal to all ages, not just because of its unique experiences, but titles that cater for the very young or those at the opposite end of the lifespan spectrum. Crayola Treasure Adventures sets its sights on those just old enough to pick up their first crayon or DS stylus.

It would be incredibly straightforward and naïve to rip apart Crayola Treaure Adventures, as being one of the most limited and short-lived experiences Gamestyle has played in recent memory. For an adult the main mode can be completed in one fairly modest sitting, but a youngster will enjoy the overall presentation, which is reminiscent of children's TV show. This adventure mode sees you deciphering a treasure map by overcoming challenges at certain highlighted locations to find the Color Crystals. These mythical items are hidden across three levels, based on an Aztec jungle, pyramids and a Treasure Island type environment.''

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