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Ubisoft Talks the Infamous Aisha Tyler Watch Dogs Video, Current-Gen Version and more.

A few months back, Ubisoft released a video for Watch Dogs that looked nowhere near as good as previous trailers, causing Creative Director Jonathan Morin to come out and say, “I see the game every day and I can tell you, this trailer is far from it.” (PC, PS3, PS4, Ubisoft, Watch Dogs, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

sigfredod  +   187d ago
I wonder if Jonathan Morin really use the word "fucking" on the interview lol
Aeon  +   187d ago
He always swears in interviews, he even swears on stage when presenting Watch Dogs, it's really odd to witness it, it's like "Wait... should he have said that!?"
triforce79  +   187d ago
Couldn't care less Ubisoft your multiplat games and most publishers/Devs multiplat games are not in any way a benchmark for any console and Bayonetta2 is technically above and beyond watchdogs easy extreme intense action even co-op at a rock solid 60 fps no screen tare Full HD 1080P NATIVE and beautiful graphics and elegant smooth character movements,and dont get me started on the amazing nextgen backdrops WOW please this time next year if your a 3rd party and you don't do exclusive games you will go bust trust me,Sega make huge bucks on exclusive nintendo games like Mario and Sonic ect Capcom on monster hunter main series games.....
triforce79  +   187d ago
Well i'll play mostly exclusives...in this new gen look at the building being destroyed in the boss fight wow..

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triforce79  +   187d ago
Only time and devs working on actual games for the new consoles can vouch for the power of that console,and the games will show us what console is best end of.....where is the xbox1's Bayonetta2 experience,Titanfall will fail with COD MP being a sport these days.....
thechosenone  +   187d ago
Why is it infamous again? :/
porkChop  +   187d ago
Have you seen the trailer? The graphics were horrible.

deafdani  +   187d ago
Derp. Ignore this post, please.
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porkChop  +   187d ago
If the current gen version doesn't look that bad then SHOW IT. Ubisoft said over 2 months ago that they would be showing the current gen version "in the coming weeks". They still have yet to do so, and the game isn't far from release. I'm not preordering the game for my PS3 until I see exactly what it looks like. I've been burned by Ubisoft too many times before to fall for their shit. They don't exactly have the greatest history when it comes to being honest about their products.
cyguration  +   187d ago
Dude, don't be dense. Of course the PS3 version will look like crap. It has no choice but to. Look at GTA V and all the problems it has on 360/PS3.

If you can afford it just get the PS4 version because it will look and be better. Current gen consoles are just maxed out, and Ubisoft refuses to show Watch Dogs on PS3/360 (after the Aisha trailer) because it looks like trash compared to next-gen.

Don't buy into their hype. Get the game for next gen!
porkChop  +   186d ago
I won't be able to get the PS4 until next year unfortunately, otherwise I would just buy that version. I was also planning on getting the game to play multiplayer with my cousins who only have PS3s.
Gemmol  +   187d ago
get Wii U and get Wii U version and you have nothing to worry
porkChop  +   186d ago
Or how about I get a PS4 with much better graphics.
BattleTorn  +   187d ago
Good! It's been far too long since Aisha Tyler has been in gaming headlines. /s
Heisenburger  +   187d ago

Africa-Garvey  +   187d ago
it is better on Wii U

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