The Brief: Need for Speed Rivals vs Forza 5 vs Drive Club

Three racers go head-to-head this holiday season for your next gen dollar. Pixels for Breakfast's resident racer, Marky Mark, takes a closer look at Xbox One launch title Forza 5, the multi platform next-gen Need for Speed Rivals and Ps4 newcomer, Drive Club.

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SniperControl1889d ago

All look really good, for me it would have to be DriveClub, Forza and then NFS. Oh i need to throw GT6 in there somewhere as well.

MRMagoo1231889d ago

You will both only get accused of being fanboys for that, its not hard to pick it over forza or NFS imo They put a lot more effort into drive club than the other devs put into the other 2 games it seems.

SniperControl1889d ago

It was never meant as a fanboy comment, just my personal preference.
Quite happy for the xbox guys to have thier own preferences.

Thehyph1889d ago

It's not until next year, but I would probably put The Crew above the rest. That looks a lot more fun to me.

That said, I will be trying DriveClub for sure.

With my money on the line though, The Crew looks like it would be more up my alley.

nosferatuzodd1889d ago

me too drive club all day its something new ill try it first

Hicken1889d ago

Now THIS is a preview I can be okay with. Didn't really flesh out the negatives too much, but definitely emphasized the things that people looking for racers want to know.

There are a LOT of people that need to take notes.

kartanym1888d ago

The best thing to do in a preview is to not be too negative, given the fact that it's a very brief hands-on time period. If nothing else, I was impressed by all three! But thank you for the feedback, it's much appreciated.

sigfredod1889d ago

NFS impress me the most, i stop reading there

MadSientist891889d ago

all three will be great games

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The story is too old to be commented.