Is It True That The Most Violent Games Sell The Best? Well...Yeah

Video games are constantly under attack for being too violent, but how can we effectively rebut when the best-selling games are indeed...violent?

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ATi_Elite1889d ago (Edited 1889d ago )


The shear sense of realism and quality tend to draw more gamers into something they can't do in real life (well at least without doing life behind bars)

BUT Sonic getting poked and bursting into 100's of Gold Rings still is the coolest thing ever so violence is not always the top thing.

SolidDuck1889d ago

To much is made of violence in video games. Ya it sells well, just like it does in movies. But non violent games sell well too like a gran turismo, or FIFA , or madden. Or how about mario cart wii, I think that game sold almost 34 million copies. That's more than gta5 will, or any of the call of duty's.