Insomniac Developers Shut Off The Xbox One Using Studio PA

Max Level: "Okay, let’s be honest. We’ve all imagined a funny scenario involving the Xbox One being shut off via it’s Kinect 2.0 enabled voice command feature. Apparently the developers working on the Xbox One presently have already been making this happen. For instance at Insomniac Game's studio, where Senior Engine Programmer Andreas Fredriksson is already tired of his co-workers shouting "Xbox Off" over the PA, thus causing a mass shutdown of the console dev kits."

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cl19831810d ago

Purely evil coworkers.

badz1491810d ago

yeah, but this should send a message of concern to MS about the vulnerability of the Xbone to the trolls! I think they should do something in particular to "xbox off" command to prevent trolls from ruining gaming sessions!

zyphee1810d ago Show
Eonjay1810d ago

Max Trollage lol. I would be pissed lol!

Trekster_Gamer1810d ago

Keep Sony gamers out of the room...

Problem solved....

Eddie201011810d ago

No need for a voice command to turn the system off to begin with, it's easier to push a button.

XB1_PS41810d ago (Edited 1810d ago )

I can all ready imagine myself telling someone in the room,
"Don't say Xbox Off"
*Xbox turns off*
"F**K ME!"

badz1491810d ago


aren't we talking about "trolls" already given access here? trolls can be anyone and yes, including family members too, you know, those who usually ALREADY HAVE ACCESS to your system too!

with the XBL Gold Family sharing plan, most xbone will probably have more than 1 account, did you consider THAT? not everyone is a forever alone guy, you know, people have families too and the internet has proven that family members are sometimes the biggest troll you can encounter your entire life!

think for a second R-TARD!

Kingthrash3601810d ago

check my past comments and you will find several comments of me saying this was one of my conserns.
your girl walks in the room and yells "xbox off". she wins instantly. so until you take out the trash or wash the car or let her watch arrow on hulu all she yas to do is yell thos three words.

n4rc1810d ago

It uses directional sound..

You cant control someone's kinect over their TV speaker.. But a company pa? i dont think kinect would be able to tell it apart from a human standing in front of it..

cl19831810d ago

Actually a few days/weeks ago Major nelson discussed this and was posted on n4g that you have to confirm you want to shut the system down after you give the command.

JokesOnYou1810d ago (Edited 1810d ago )

ha that is funny....but I'm sure I read that it will have a secondary on screen prompt that asks if you want to shut off the console.

Edit my bad didn't read all comments, yeah OK so thats right cl1983

indysurfn1810d ago

I can see Sony having a commercial making fun of the xbox off. Or even a tv show talking about 'xbox off' (simpsons already did it?). And then as they are saying 'xbox off' Millions of TV's go off! Oh I know, how about a simpson tv commercial for a up coming show during the superbowls FIRST commercial! That would be hilarious! Everyone will miss at least part of a commercial. A whole one if they have smarttv!

Gekko361810d ago

@All Don't be soft, it's tied to your voice. This is a none issue. CHILL

Oh and to the people on here who find the use of the word "Retard" offensive like me, Retarded means to hinder or hold back, Just like your emotional skills. Bunch of C*NT5

mcstorm1810d ago

I know this could be an issue but its the same with all voice command systems as I had my brother shouting things at the TV when playing Halo CEA. But doesn't the Xbox one save the state of play in its memory so you can turn off your console and come back later on an carry on from where you are? If it dose then this is not that big of an issue.

christocolus1810d ago

i wish kinect could detect trolls..then all we would do is say " kinect ignore all trolls" or "kinect activate troll noise cancellation and troll activity filter" its good to see them having so much insomniac pls kindly hurry up with sunset overdrive..the wait is killing me.

extermin8or1810d ago

Wont just be fanboys doing it-I'd find it hard to resist the urge todo that, be so funny :p

mewhy321810d ago

wow. yet another reason to avoid prism project, information gathering for advertisers kinect.

gameonbro1810d ago

Sure there are a lot of trolls running around your house

user55757081810d ago

cant wait to mess with my friends lol

oh one i know is buying an xbox one

another great prank would be yelling xbox off in a voice message and hoping your friends console goes off

darthv721810d ago (Edited 1810d ago )

My youngest son does this to me on our 360. It was funny a few times but then it got annoying.

He didnt like it when i did it to him so we dont use the voice commands unless absolutely needed.

schubacca1810d ago

Non-issue for most of us really. If you are playing at home, and someone in your house says "xbox off", then you simply kick his ass.

Legion211809d ago

There's actually an option to turn off certain commands

Yetter1803d ago

Trolls in the livingroom with you? I think you should re-think your living arrangements

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Elit3Nick1810d ago

Some people just want to watch the world burn

rainslacker1810d ago

Then MS has a product for them. It's called the Xbox 360.

malokevi1810d ago

Ahahaha, what a dick move

3-4-51810d ago

Microsoft employees trolling themselves ?

Is nobody sailing that ship?

badz1491810d ago

Insomniac is an independent studio. they are not MS's or any publisher's employee to begin with.

3-4-51810d ago

yea I realize that now... mistake

Blaze9291810d ago

I'm pretty sure, just like Kinect on Xbox 360, that you have to confirm "yes" when giving the command "Xbox Off."

It's not simply just going to turn off on its own. Come on now people. Lets use those tiny brain cells of ours, it exists.

ziggurcat1810d ago (Edited 1810d ago )

is there a reason why you're getting worked up over an office prank (a prank that's confirmed by an employee to work) at insomniac studios?

calm your fanboy self down for a minute...

Blaze9291810d ago (Edited 1810d ago )


what in the world are you talking about -_-? As you can clearly see in the comments, some people think that's a feature that needs to be addressed by Microsoft to "prevent accidents". So I made an obvious statement to negate that.

So really, please explain what YOU'RE talking about. Worked up?..lls, I don't have to be a genius to figure out what insecure side you stand on:

indysurfn1810d ago

okay, lets do use our brains. You first, guess what a person over the PA need to do? Just wait 2 seconds, and say 'yes' to the confirmation(you see you don't have to actually hear it to answer it!).

Lets use your tiny brain cells people that say lets use your tiny brain cells! LOL

Actually using your brain would not be 'assuming' as you are, it would be seeing that it is happening. That is reality, you can't assume it away! And you can time it in the future unless it only responds to a particular voice.

Palaven1810d ago (Edited 1810d ago )

Have you read the rest of the comments?

There are people that are trying to turn a prank into something negative about the Xbox One. You are the one getting worked up.

ziggurcat1809d ago

@ Blaze929:

You're the one getting defensive, telling people to use their brains, and *i'm* insecure?

Bravo *slow clap*

I think the prank is hilarious, and in no way is it a negative against the xbone, so good job at getting upset over people thinking it's a funny office prank.

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Pogmathoin1810d ago

@ Trekster, you saying Kinect 2 can detect a Sony fanboy? I am offended....

SharnOfTheDEAD1810d ago

Changes gamer tag to "Xbox Off"

himdeel1809d ago

This is all bad. Any significant other can say xbox off and fuck your whole world up. Not good.

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lastofgen1810d ago

Lol..that's pretty funny.
It'd be hilarious if someone forgot to unplug/turn off voice recognition during a tourney and someone across the room yelled 'xbox, off...'

Godmars2901810d ago

With Kinect being optional I don't see anyone having it plugged in during tournaments, but you could get situations where a kid relation says "Xbox off!" while someone's playing COD.

CrowbaitBob1810d ago

Saying "xbox off!" while someone's playing COD would be considered an act of compassion.

-Gespenst-1810d ago

I can see "Xbox, off" becoming a meme... I can also seeing that functionality making for some pretty funny situations.

Man if anybody I know gets an Xbone I'll just be saying this constantly.

Majin-vegeta1810d ago

Omg im one kill away from a chopper gunner

*xbox off* [troll face] xD.

Along ewith everyone else in that lobby xDD

-Gespenst-1810d ago (Edited 1810d ago )

Oh my god that's right! Anyone with a mic could just shout it! Everyone's xbox... just off. That's incredible.

EDIT: Oh wait, your voice only works if it's registered with the console... that's no fun. The again you could still do some damage if your voice was similar to whoever's voice was logged on a particular xbox...

rainslacker1810d ago (Edited 1810d ago )

Voices are pretty distinct. They're kind of like finger prints. Even more true on the wave form level voice recognition works off of. Unless they just use peak/valley "sounds like this sound" type software...which I highly doubt.

WeAreLegion1810d ago

Haha.'ll happen. Just turn off the function. I hope Microsoft has taken this into account, so you don't have to turn that function off every time you play a game. Also, if you could bring Sunset Overdrive to PS4, that'd be great...

DarkBlood1810d ago

too bad its an exclusive paid by microsoft last time i read.

WeAreLegion1810d ago

Insomniac said not to rule out a PS4 version. I'm betting on timed exclusivity.

PFFT1810d ago

Maybe a sigma style version. IF Mass Effect and Ninja Gaiden made it to the Ps3 why not Sunset overdrive for the PS4. It might and there is a high chance it will happen.

n4rc1810d ago

It probably will..

Ms doesn't seem to care about holding exclusivity past its usefulness (first year).. Good for gamers imo..

christocolus1810d ago

i think it may remain an exclusive...cos ted price said no amount of petitions from sony fans would change that..and he also stated that the possibility of it coming to the ps4 was same as rachet and clank coming to the xbx...which we all known is immpossible since sony owns that franchise...

DarkBlood1809d ago

but then you are implying that microsoft owns the sunset ip which as far as we know they dont, so that wouldnt stop them from bringing it over to the ps4

JamieL1809d ago

@ DarkBlood
Damn man, all he did was quote what the man said, and added his opinion. Why get so defensive? How do you know what they're going to do? (and) What makes what your opinion on the matter more likely than his?