Major Nelson will suggest reviving Futurama as Xbox exclusive

Good news everyone! Fans of the animated show Futurama might have something to look forward to now that the show has aired its final episode. One unlikely supporter has showed up to pitch a revival of the series to Microsoft, and that supporter is none other than Major Nelson.

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SlavisH21893d ago

I would love for this show to go on!!!!!!

Feocart1893d ago

This is but the first of many soon to be "Xbox exclusive" TV programming. It will be interesting how the community responds to content like this.

Will it be enough of an incentive to attract enough consumers to an Xbox One? How will they ensure that this won't be on any other devices? Crazy times are ahead...

admiralvic1893d ago

Considering many people liked the earlier episode of Futurama (same with The Simpsons and a bunch of other programs that perhaps overstayed their welcome...), I can't see it being a big deal to most. If anything, people will just be irked that they can't watch it.

Majin-vegeta1893d ago

People would just leak it to the internetz.

Chevalier1893d ago

I wouldn't buy a system for a tv show, I'd just wait for a bluray or dvd release and just buy it.

pyramidshead1893d ago (Edited 1893d ago )

lol the comment above pretty much nails it. People will just torrent it like most things rather than buying a $500 console just to watch it.

ShadowHarp1893d ago

So you would pirate a show if it came out on consoles, but you would judge a pc gamer for pirating a game because they don't want to buy a 400$ console?

Fireseed1893d ago

@Everyone Saying it Would be Pirated

Just because you and your 1 other friend would pirate it doesn't mean it would fail. Theirs lots of people who have spines and would actually financially support a decision like that, if not by choice, but because they wouldn't know how to pirate it.

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3-4-51893d ago

Just like Movies are exclusive to Movie Theaters & Physical dvd's right ?

malokevi1893d ago

You'd be nuts to think that every show that's "exclusive" to Xbox wont be about as "exclusive" as game of thrones, lol.

malokevi1893d ago

If this happens... mad kudos in my book. Not that they need to win my vote, but this is interesting news to me. One of my favorite shows of all time. At least, the older material.

SilentNegotiator1893d ago (Edited 1893d ago )

They've already jumped the shark having Seth MacFarlane play Seymour. Let the show die before it loses whatever dignity it has left and becomes Family Guy or the Simpsons.

All good things come to an end, people.

TomShoe1893d ago

Bringing back Futurama: YES!!!

Xbox One Exclusive: NO!!!

Blaze9291893d ago

Exclusive TV shows eh? Didn't even think about Microsoft messing around in that department. That could be huge for the next generation of Xbox LIVE and Xbox One - not just gaming content, but exclusive TV content.

If lined in with the fee of Xbox LIVE, then that would be really cool. If an extra fee then this is as important as Miley Cyrus.

memots1893d ago

Is that one of those triple AAA exclusive we hear about all the time? lol

paul-p19881893d ago

I, like most Futurama fans and people who won't be buying an Xbox, will just be annoyed by it being Xbox exclusive. Tbh, i wouldn't buy a console based on the exclusivity of a TV series, it's just stupid. Sony did the same thing with an anime series, that i can't remember the name of, and the episodes just went online so you could download them.

I would do the same with Futurama if this happens.

gamernova1893d ago

Oh my God...this could be like the first brilliant decision that ms has made involving next gen. This could be huge. Massive fan base.

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True_Samurai1893d ago

Darn rite son TV, games, kinect 2.0, sports, movies, indies, apps, and other multimedia. Everything that I need :-)

HugoDrax1893d ago

What's wrong with TV? I remember a certain interactive tv program that was very successful on XBOX LIVE, and was met with positive reviews and a ton of gamer support called 1 vs 100..

ABeastNamedTariq1893d ago

That's actually pretty cool, in my opinion.

DarkBlood1893d ago

That wont get me to get that system. the "xbox Exclusive" will leak to internet for me to watch or be released on Blu-ray.

this is a show for everyone so i hope this deal dies.

n4rc1893d ago


Its dead now.. If Xbox can bring it back for fans, that's awesome..

Nobody else seems like they are willing to do it

thelaughingwiseman1893d ago

Show stopped being awesome after the first 4 seasons and movies

majiebeast1893d ago

I rather see Netflix pick it up.

elhebbo161893d ago (Edited 1893d ago )

Its better that way, why everyone else who doesn't own a xbox one have to suffer? console or no console.

majiebeast1893d ago (Edited 1893d ago )

Can you imagine if Sony did this with Community,Breaking Bad or their new shows like the blacklist.