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Beyond: Two Souls is an interesting experience EuroGamer Germany doesn't regret making. But still, there are too many problems to forgive – structurally, story-wise and in character. Even people who didn't mind the issues with Cage's earlier games, Fahrenheit and Heavy Rain, will have a hard time turning a blind eye to Beyond's shortcomings.

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SaulGoodman1893d ago (Edited 1893d ago )

Why such a poor score? Jodie just finished sitting upon my face and I would rate this 14.5/10. Just sayin...

thelaughingwiseman1893d ago

Ellen Paige should win Best Lead actress in video game. She did very very good in it. I don't know if they have that award

Heisenburger1893d ago

Superman does good, SHE did well.

1893d ago