800 million laps raced in iRacing

VVV: "It's been a long journey for the subscription-based PC sim iRacing. Since launching in 2008, it's built up a reputation as the definitive racing simulation for PC enthusiasts. Such is its popularity, the developers have now announced that the community have raced a staggering 800 million virtual laps worldwide at some point in October.

The accompanying press release issued provides a plethora of statistics: "If you started counting at the rate of one number per second, it would take until the year 2038 to reach 800,000,000. Mileage-wise, 800,000,000 is a little less than the round trip distance between Jupiter and the Sun. On a less celestial basis, 800,000,000 miles represents more than 130,000 round trips between Boston, MA and Seattle, WA."

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