The New Snake Visits Kojima Productions’s Los Angeles Studio

Whether you like it or not, Kiefer Southerland is the new Snake. Not only he’s lending his voice to the rugged stealther for Metal Gear Solid V, but he’s also serving as the model for facial capture, and today he visited Kojima Productions' Los Angeles Studio.

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-Foxtrot1024d ago

and he couldn't look less interesting

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GameCents1024d ago

Big fan of Kiefer, honestly didn't care about MGS 5 until I heard he'd be the new Snake.
Sorry David.

theDECAY1024d ago

That doesn't really sound like something a fan of MGS would say.

ZBlacktt1023d ago

So this, just another fake clone posting above.

GameCents1023d ago

I wouldn't know, have never been much of a fan of the franchise.

j-blaze1023d ago

lol i'm a fan, and Kiefer as Big Boss is ok with me, MGS is all about the story/characters and of course most importantly Kojima, as long as this man is making the game there is nothing to worry about

Neo-Axl1023d ago

As a Metal Gear Veteran of 15 years, I can't possibly believe you wouldn't be interested in the next proper MGS game in the series because of David's voice.

He is Big Boss, he is Solid Snake, kinda like when I read Batman comics and the Joker appears, I hear Mark Hammil's voice as I'm reading, The very same with the Snake characters.. sorry about my rant, are you new to MGS by any chance?

GameCents1023d ago

Yes I am, relatively. Thought it was obvious due to my lack of interest until Kiefer.

Not to say the game doesn't me otherwise, however Jack Bauer is what made me take a peek in the first place.

I have only ever the HD remasters.

OrangePowerz1023d ago

That`s funny, because I`m a big fan of MGS and until I heard about Kiefer playing Snake (and some other things) I was interested in MGS 5.

GameCents1023d ago

That's too bad that you feel alienated by the decision. Had the opposite effect on me as a non fan, new lease.

GiantEnemyCrab1024d ago

David will always be Snake. Kiefer has enough money and jobs to work. Way to take food out of the little guys mouth.

Baka-akaB1024d ago (Edited 1024d ago )

Give the guy a break , maybe its a character he's thrilled to play and he's actually a good choice amidst a realm of celebs that could ruin it . I doubt it's necessarily about money , the 24 mini serie alone would set him for eons , if even in need .

I can understand being annoyed at the choice (i'm not i've always prefered the japanese voices personally since that's the version i first played - yeah i'm an heretic sue me) , but it falls on Kojima's shoulder

Abriael1024d ago

Yeah, blaming sutherland doesn't make much sense. They offered him a job, and he took it.

Eamon1024d ago

I personally don't blame him for taking the job.

But I do blame Kojima here. I listened to Kiefer say the iconic 'Kept you waiting, huh' line so terribly it was actually saddening.

Like a knife right into good memories. Really don't understand why Kojima obsessed with replacing Hayter.

OrangePowerz1023d ago

There is the thing, MGS doesn`t need celebrity voice actors unless of course Konami just wants to boost their sales in the west by slapping a big sticker on the box saying "Starring Kiefer Sutherland".

Baka-akaB1023d ago

Or maybe Kojima had a whim and wanted to try something else .

Redempteur1023d ago (Edited 1023d ago )


"Like a knife right into good memories."

So you're fuelled by nostalgia ?

How about judging keifer how what he's done after this game ?Same for kojima , the guy hardly make games or change things/decisions "just because" if he did it , then he had a freaking good reason.

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-Foxtrot1024d ago

Thats what I was thinking....voice actors arn't big Hollywood actors, they don't get the money they do

They have all their films and TV shows....leave voice acting to voice actors

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-Foxtrot1023d ago (Edited 1023d ago )

You know I'm not saying he's good enough for blockbuster films but Hayter does do acting....just that he's more into writting scripts, directing small budget films and voice acting.

He can act though, especially if it's doing the moves to a character he adores and has voiced for 15 years

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OrangePowerz1023d ago

Why does it need Kiefer? They can hire any actor who is great at motion capture for far less than what Kiefer will cost them and have Hayter do the voice. The same way the Japanese version will be done by having the voice actor doing only the voice. They did that for Halo by having someone do the motion capture for Cortana and the normal voice actress to the voice.

Kiefer is there for marketing to market the game better to the west and especially to the audience in the US not to make the experience better because that can be achieved for far less money.

Redempteur1023d ago

"Kiefer is there for marketing to market the game better to the west and especially to the audience in the US "

Seriously ?

Metal freaking gear need better marketing ? the franchise that sells millions already? the console seller franchise need better marketing ?

What a bunch of nonsense.

Snake voice was changed because hayter didn't fit in the plans for the next game , simple as that..

Kojima is telling you that he wanted something different, the creator himself of teh franchise explain his decision , and the best you can do is to scream marketing when the franchise doesn't need more marketing than he already has and the creator has a blank check & all the power within konami to do whatever he wants ?

Hayter fans are really a lost cause.

Baka-akaB1023d ago

It's obvious , Kojima did the best he could voice wise at a time where budget was more limited .

His Movies obsessions and manias are obvious and widely known . It's very obvious that if he could have , he'd sign the biggest and still best suitable voices he could have afforded that could fulfill his vision .

I'm not at all claiming Kiefer is better (nor worse anyway ) .. i just doubt HAyter would be his very first pick , beyond tradition and habits , if he had more choices .

Personally i just see it as Kojima exploring a dream and venture of his further .

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Joe9131023d ago

You know David is a script writer he was a writer on a couple of the X-Men movies so I really doubt he is going hungry.

fossilfern1024d ago

I actually like Kiefer as Snake... And I have been playing since MGS1 so its not like I jumped on the bandwagon with MGS4 like alot of people...

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