Mad Catz's Killer Instinct TE 2 fightstick priced at $200 - to be released on Xbox One launch day

Mad Catz has just divulged details on their upcoming Tournament Edition 2 Killer Instinct fightstick that will be exclusive to the Xbox One. The arcade stick will be available on the launch day of the console, November 22nd of this year, and is now currently up for pre-orders.

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porkChop1892d ago

Wow, what a ripoff. $200 for that thing?

darthv721892d ago

It does seem a tad....excessive.

although, tournament style sticks arent cheap and this will obviously not be limited to use with just KI.

its more of an investment in fighting games down the road.

porkChop1892d ago

I get that it's an investment, but I would never pay more than around $120 for one of these. $200 is just ridiculous, that's more than the cost of 3 games.

MorbidPorpoise1892d ago

Its true about the price, but like above its a investment into something that you will use for a long time and for future games, no different to buying a $270 TB Headset... or a $150 keyboard.

memots1892d ago

I agree, I bought a g25 years back it was like 350$ , quite a bit but so awesome, worked on Pc , ps2 , Ps3 had my money worth.

I am getting a little nervous about full support on PS4 since they didn't officially announced It yet, but drive club dev said all wheels that worked o. Ps3 will work with their game. ( still not officially supported )

LordDhampire1892d ago

jesus, and I know some idiots will buy it....probably the same one who bought the wii u...ZING ha but seriously some one will buy it

mhunterjr1892d ago

I'm no hardcore fight game guy, but after dropping 500 on a console, 200 for a controller seems steep. Sure it's an investment, but there haven't even been any other fighting games announced.

weirdo1892d ago

i still prefer to play fighters on a dualshock d-pad

SliceOfTruth8881892d ago

Of course 199.99 sounds expensive for someone who doesnt play fighters. You can have the same argument about headsets and keyboards. But the stick is all Sanwa parts and LED back lit and also is designed to be opened easily for easy modding. Get over your xbox hate people and just enjoy games

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