From Bad To Worst: Every Movie Based On A Horror Video Game Ranked

In honor of this spoooky time of year, here's every (theatrically released) movie based on a horror video game ranked from bad to worst (because there is no "good" when you're talking horror game movies).

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Boody-Bandit1888d ago (Edited 1888d ago )

Milla Jovovich in skin tight leather toting guns does it for me regardless of the script / plot / acting.

OrangePowerz1888d ago

I found Silent Hill to be quite a decent movie and wouldn't call it mediocre.

WeAreLegion1888d ago

Love Silent Hill. Uwe Boll is the worst.

serratos271888d ago

"From bad to worst" lol yeah. Waiting on the day when a video game successfully becomes made into a great movie. Or rather horror games, since horror movies in general aren't as great as the classics. It can be done though. Sometimes it just feels as though directors try to sway too far from the game's plot and add their own "touch" to the film. But come on, personally, if I go to watch a movie based on a video game you'd best believe I want to see my game come to life as a motion picture ;)

chrissx1888d ago

I think the 1st and 2nd resident evil movies were ok,went downhill from 3. Silent hill 1 was ok too I thnk

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