PlayStation Plus Subscribers: Renew For a Year and Get $10 PSN Cash

Get a $10 PSN credit when you extend you PS Plus membership for another year.

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KrisButtar1524d ago

Curious to know which PSN. EU or NA?

sinncross1524d ago

Well the article says $ so I am going to assume they mean USA.

ZodTheRipper1524d ago

As far as I remember, a similar promotion runs in the German store right now so I'm guessing it's for EU too.

This stuff always starts when I just renewed my subscription ... :S

KrisButtar1524d ago

I've seen EU promotions on sites that use the dollar sign, I didn't want to assume.

Rimeskeem1524d ago

(for some reason i cant comment on besides this)

They are giving us 10$ for getting ps+ year worth and just getting ps+ is a huge steal.

guitarded771524d ago

It has the offer on the front page of the site, so I know it's good for US. Personally, I'd prefer $10 off a year of PS+, but I'm gonna take up the offer anyway. Mine runs out in December, and that will not sit well with my PS4.

inveni01524d ago

I'm good on PS+ for two more years. Not sure I want to extend to three years just yet. I want to wait and see what the Gaikai setup will be like. I'd rather use the money for a third year of PS+ for the Gaikai add-on, if one is needed.

darthv721524d ago

mine doesnt expire until May of 2014. will this promo last until then?

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ftwrthtx1524d ago

The originating email was sent to a US account, but as someone else said, some Eu accounts are getting a similar deal.

TheRealHeisenberg1524d ago

Renewed in June...dang nabbit.

Blank1524d ago

The subscription stacks i got like 2 1/2 years from taking certain promos like this one.

ziggurcat1524d ago

you could always pay for another year to extend your subscription, and get the $10 credit.

admiralvic1524d ago (Edited 1524d ago )

How is this news? This is LITERALLY (even if it was via an email) nothing more than Sony or Terminal Gamer pointing out the $10 dollars for every $50 spent promo ( ).

Sony has confirmed in the past that they round up for PlayStation Plus (they actually said a "few" cents won't matter), so that is the $50 and naturally that gives you $10 dollars back. This offer must be done via SEN cash, which is another requirement of that promo. It lasts till October 29th, which is also when that promo ends...

ftwrthtx1524d ago

This is a new email promo being sent out by Sony to current PS+ subscribers and therefore is news.

admiralvic1524d ago

I don't see how it being a new email makes it news. You're still in essence doing nothing more than pointing out this promo. Even the promo itself says the following

"With these savings, there’s no better time to become a PlayStation Plus member. Pick up a 1-year membership for $49.99, get $10 back and take advantage of all the great features you get with PS Plus, including Instant Game Collection access and exclusive discounts."

Is this not exactly what your post is saying? Sure it doesn't mention current subscribers, but it's not like "Get $10 for Every $50 Spent" leaves a lot of room for interpretation.

ftwrthtx1524d ago

This is Sony trying to get people to renew PS+ (it stacks), or in the case of StockpileTom below, to come back.

It is a new campaign by them to try to get more people to spend money and therefore is new news.

admiralvic1524d ago

Are you listening to my point AT ALL?

It's a simple rewording of the promo I linked you to. Literally everything about it syncs up.

That promo:

Get $10 for Every $50 Spent,

This promo:

Renew Plus ($49.99), get $10 dollars. As I already quoted, Plus is rounded up to $50.

That promo:

for every $50 you spend using your SEN Wallet, you’ll receive a $10 credit back.

This promo:

Must purchase 1 Year membership via SEN wallet.

That promo:

Ends 10/29/2013.

This promo:

Ends: 10/29/2013

That promo:

You’ll receive your earned credit by November 8th via email and XMB Message on your PS3.

This promo:

$10 bonus will be credited to your SEN Wallet by November 8, 2013.

What about the two are different besides Sony sending out an email referencing it?

StockpileTom1524d ago (Edited 1524d ago )

The email I got didn't directly reference the other promotion therefore it is unclear if this is a separate promotion or not.

If it is they might stack to a $20 credit but I doubt that. I am not ruling out the possibility though until someone finds something stating otherwise. (not putting words into anyone's mouth or anything just stating)

ftwrthtx1524d ago

I never said it was a new promotion, just a new campaign to get more people to renew or re-up.

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BoriboyShoGUN1524d ago

Admirals right companies do it all the time, same offer just a different pitch is all. Where people might not spend 50 in games, but they'll do it for a renewal probaly just hadn't occured to them to do so.

rainslacker1524d ago

It's bad now for a website to point out a good deal? It's not the exact same promotion, it directly references PS+, and is advertised that way. Thus it isn't the same, even if it is the same promotion.

God, who criticizes a deal being reported regardless of system. We all like saving money.

StockpileTom1524d ago (Edited 1524d ago )

I just got a similar email saying "Come back to PS Plus" so it appears to be sent to former subscribers as well.

I was holding out until I get my PS4 and this is likely an attempt to dissuade people from doing that, but it failed!

ftwrthtx1524d ago

Good to know. You have a screen grab of an image to go with it? PM me if you do.

joe901524d ago (Edited 1524d ago )

LOL "Come back to PS Plus"

Like they miss you and NOT your money.

LOL WTF ftwrthtx you are asking for proof because it hurts your poor ANUS that some people don't have PS+ and YES that Email has been sent to mine after i refused to go along after my free trial. Yeh get PS+ for cheap because when the PS4 is out we are still going to spew out free last gen games....Please keep paying us for the massive loss we made on the PS£.

Peasants getting spammed by Sony to come and give them money.....Poor Sony not doing too well by the looks of things.

Snookies121524d ago

Calm down there guy. No need to get so worked up lol.

FunAndGun1524d ago

Yes, because no other company sends emails to promote deals. /s

Damn joe, you try too hard. give it up already.

GentlemenRUs1524d ago

Man you need that last bubble popped ;)

No need to offend the person you know...

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cr33ping_death1524d ago

my sub is almost up....good timing

FunAndGun1524d ago

even if its not, stack it up like cups!

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