Rev3games- The Wolf Among Us: Faith Review

Rev:Episode 1 of Telltale's The Wolf Among Us comes out tomorrow, and since it was one of our favorite games from PAX 2013, we just had to check it out! Watch Tara's review to hear her thoughts on the game, its story, and how the new combat system stands up against Telltale's previous games.

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Sketchy_Galore1889d ago

This, a bottle of wine and maybe Infamous festival of blood will be getting me through Halloween night after I'm not invited to any parti... I mean after I have to turn down all the hot parties in town and feel bad about the girls who will kill themselves when they find out I'm not coming.

CaptainYesterday1889d ago

Whens it going to be on PS3? I thought it was coming out tomorrow :(

sdozzo1889d ago

They said real soon. Didn't give a date though.

1889d ago
fluxmulder1889d ago

So is this like an actual game? Or another QTE fest like Walking Dead?