‘Battlefield 4’ DLC revealed for official strategy guides

Online retailer, Amazon, has revealed that the regular and collector’s editions official strategy guides include DLC for the upcoming “Battlefield 4.”

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Akuma2K1891d ago

Just ordered the collector's edition of the BF4 strat guide, i already know both guides are gonna sell out quickly.

Zeniix1891d ago (Edited 1891d ago )

like any other strat guide of Battlefiedl/AnyOtherGame, I think I can still find some old ones nearby in the stores.

Still surprises me though that these things are still getting made w/ youtube/google around.

1891d ago
pompombrum1891d ago

Lol battlepacks.. just when you thought nobody could come up with a way to milk the FPS genre some more, good ol EA come up with a new BS money making scheme... and they wonder why people hate them and troll vote them as worst company in America.

Allsystemgamer1891d ago

You know every item in battle packs can be unlocked playing the game right? And you get battle packs by playing the game also...

People can buy em if they wish. They're not removing any content with them

Akuma2K1891d ago

Battlepacks or not i always get strat guides for my military shooter games.

pompombrum1891d ago (Edited 1891d ago )

Lol, are you actually serious or trolling? Strategy guides are written in an idealistic manner as opposed to practical and almost all of it's relevance for a shooting game will go out of the window within a week of decent players sharing tips.

Akuma2K1890d ago

Yes i'm serious and to each his own.