Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm First Look by GameSpot

Reps from developer Cyber Connect 2 and Namco Bandai gave GameSpot a first look at the recently announced Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm at Namco Bandai's recent press event. Veteran developer Cyber Connect 2 is working on the original game, which will feature more than a dozen playable characters and offer players the chance to duke it out with a host of familiar characters, as well as explore Hidden Leaf Village, Naruto's 'hood. While GameSpot weren't able to play the game, they got a brief demo of the title from Cyber Connect 2 CEO Hiroshi Matsuyama.

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sonarus3861d ago

Gamespot: The visuals in the work-in-progress game already look pretty stunning. Naruto and company look great on the PlayStation 3. While it's not a tremendous accomplishment to capture the look of the anime on the PS3, due to its hardware muscle.

Strange...I could have sworn i heard somewhere that naruto couldn't run on the ps3 due to some hardware limitations.

Sevir043861d ago

Considering that the game they made flopped. and didn't even look much like the anime. thats what happens when a none japanese Company makes a japanese game you get lower than sunb par results.

CyberConnect 2 and Bandai are japanese so. this was to be expected, and This isn't a even a port of the 360. but it's an exclusive ^^ It's like they Took the Anime with it's Hi res artwork and just placed into the PS3 and said Boom there it is. Thats hot, it looks beautiful. very good.

though i've never been a fan of the games i'm prolly gonna rent this one and see what it's all about

[email protected]3861d ago

I can't agree more with u pal. bubble'