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ENE3: "Who knows Quantic Dream and their work, know that games are difficult to accept to the common player."

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minimur121888d ago

AAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGHHH HHHHHHH I'm getting it tommorow! How dare you play it before me!!!

Minimur SMASH

MadMax1888d ago

A reviewer that actually gets it! Wow, not everyone is a shallow, mindless COD fan!

kratos_TheGoat1888d ago

madmax if reviewer who has never like this type of game before, should not grade the game period. Idc beyond 2 soul is addicted game, with outstanding cast member like ellen page..... great score btw

goldwyncq1888d ago

Not everyone who dislikes the game is a mindless COD fan. With that said, I'll be getting my copy today and hope it doesn't disappoint.

carlingtat1888d ago

Not everyone who disagrees with your opinion or doesnt like a certain type of game is a mindless COD fan. Perhaps they are actually judging it on the gameplay factor in which there is not a huge amount.

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carlingtat1881d ago

actually max I have a ps3 and have beyond: two souls but once again just because someone disagrees with you you think that they're trolling xbox fanboys who play nothing but COD. not everyone is 12 like yourself

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showtimefolks1888d ago

just finished it and just wow

i don't understand the below average reviews, did we not play the same game?

please play the demo and you will like it, don't just go of the reviews alone

1888d ago
chrissx1888d ago

This game is not for everybody. But its really great for those who are into these kind of games

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