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GN - "Beyond: Two Souls represents a few firsts for me. It’s my first Quantic Dream game as somehow I've never played one of theirs in my 35+ years of gaming. It's also the first AAA game that I've gone into almost completely blind. Before playing, my only exposure to it was the first trailer at E3 a few years ago, but, other than that, I hadn’t seen any new trailers, developer diaries, or television ads."

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MadMax1895d ago

Then you have no business reviewing this game!!!

CaptainYesterday1895d ago

I'm having a blast with this game I hope more people give it a chance.

MadMax1895d ago

Tell me about it, great frikin game! People missing the point of this game. Graphics, story and gameplay are great! I played Heavy Rain and liked it, but this one is better i think. You feel like you have more control over things.

Using the analog makes a world of difference! Game is a keeper and its not often a game like this comes around. Needs our support and needs to stop being reviewed by bias people that have no idea what kind of game they are in for!

1895d ago
ifritAlkhemyst1895d ago

Really? So if you never played a QD game before, you are somehow unqualified to review any of their games?

You sully the name of Max Rockatansky.

MadMax1894d ago

If you dont know what to expect and are obviously not that knowledgeable and diverse when it comes to reviewing games, then yes! This reviewer has never played Heavy Rain before, what the heck? Sounds unexperienced.

SugarSoSweet1895d ago

Mehhh not my thing I much preferred Indigo Prophecy back on the PS2 and Heavy Rain

kratos_TheGoat1895d ago

ellen page know how to act beyond 2 soul is a fun game

Heisenburger1895d ago (Edited 1895d ago )

I like it.

NarooN1895d ago

Lol where are all these phantom disagrees coming from? Are there some anti-David Cage shills out there just trolling every article?

ifritAlkhemyst1895d ago

Nope. Just some sensible people out there who do not find David Cage to be the messiah he believes he is. He has no skill at storytelling and injects everything with artificial drama so he can pass off his rejected films as video games.

trouble_bubble1894d ago

Sensible eh? Heavy rain has an 87 meta average and sold a few million. You're in the minority

cunnilumpkin1895d ago

every one of their games gets worse than the one that preceded it

indigo prophecy was by far QD's best work

heavy rain I found to be somewhat enjoyable

this game, a disjointed mess

and the controls and graphics are bad, jaggies everywhere, weird artifacts, stiff animations, boring interactions that serve only to take you out of what little broken up story there is

Heisenburger1895d ago

You didn't play Indigo.


trouble_bubble1894d ago

Their games get worse? Wtf, heavy rain was their most successful critically and commercially. It was waaaay better than indigo prophecy which turned into aliens and matrix apocalypse wank.

To say the graphics are bad in beyond is wank too. The train/forest demo is gorgeous with good bump animations and lighting. Bad graphics, lol.

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