Taking A Look At The Pokémon X & Y Starters Final Evolution (spoilers)

Hardcore Gamer: With the official release date for Pokémon X & Y knocking loudly on the door, we thought we would give our readers a look at the leaked final evolutions and estimated stats to help give you a better idea of what you are getting yourself into further down the road with whatever starter you might choose.

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3-4-51895d ago

Still can't decide between Froakie or chespin.

Y_51501894d ago

Same here. But when the time comes. I will choose something.

Moncole1894d ago

If you pick Chespin than you get Froakie when you beat the Pokemon league.

TekoIie1894d ago

Hated the designs when I first saw them but they've really grown on me :)

SplashDamage1894d ago

I saw some of the fan art and I was like if Froakie really looks like this I am going to be so happy. Then they released the official and it was about 1000 times worse than I expected. :(

AD7051894d ago

charmander and frog guy for me :)