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Gamesradar- Rune Factory 4 Review

GR:At their worst, simulation games can feel more like work than play. Rather than having fun, you can easily feel stressed out by accomplishing tasks within tightly set parameters, or you're missing content due to unenjoyable-but-necessary choices, or you just get bogged down in granular minutiae that yields no tangible result. But every once in a while a special game will come along and make these types of shortcomings feel worth it. Enter Rune Factory 4. (3DS, Rune Factory 4) 3.5/5

Juste_Belmont  +   315d ago
I'm glad to see this series getting so much exposure from so many sites. I'm enjoying the game right now and although I was a little bit worried about which direction the series would go, so far I like it. It seems like they've brought in elements of Little King's Story into the series and it just gives you even more to do, although I would like more customization options in terms of the appearance of the main character in future games.
3-4-5  +   315d ago
waiting for a price drop on this. looks solid though

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