PS4 Vs Xbox One: Not Being a Jerk To The Handicapped Edition

Hardcore Gamer: Microsoft didn't really do anything wrong, but failing to make your booth handicap accessible is a fairly big oversight on both companies parts and Sony was the only one to do anything to rectify it. When your competitor is handing out free consoles to make up for accidentally slighting a group of disabled gamers, you need to step your PR game up somehow.

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xHeavYx1892d ago

"Microsoft has had a bit of a public image issue since the very early days of the Xbox One unveiling"
That's a bit generous, lol.
I do think it's a shame that both companies didn't prepare better for disabled gamers, but hats off to Sony for the way they handled the situation

ohiostatesman1892d ago

PS4 is cool. Still not getting one though. Xbox One for me.

Evilsnuggle1892d ago

Xbone is garbage 100% weak hardware compared to the PS4 superior GPU and simpler better memory system of the PS4

ZHZ901892d ago (Edited 1892d ago )

@Evilsnuggle, he didn't bashed PS4 so you can bash his Xbone like this. He even said PS4 is cool I see no reason to bash Xbone since then.

Mystogan1892d ago


that is the mentality of most ps4 fanboys right there.

GameNameFame1892d ago

and X1 fanboys mentality is always blame one something else.

no no its PS fanboys.
no no its media
no no reviews are rigged.
no no journalists are fake.
no no....

Yea. Time for X1 fanboys to face the truth.

3-4-51892d ago

at least your honest.

I'm glad both exist for anyone who wishes to experience either.

I've been an xbox gamer since the beginning but I will most likely be going with PS4.

Not buying either until 2014, I want to see what games they have in store for the near future.

The stuff they haven't revealed yet.

thrust1891d ago

Evil the difference is only a couple of fps mate it will not be a huge leap or magic!

the xbox has xbox live that why most people love it!

Welcome2Die1891d ago


Im sorry to hear that you're choosing to have an inferior console experience, hopefully you were smart this gen and bought a PS3 so you can at least enjoy a few more years of better games.

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darthv721892d ago

"neither Sony nor Microsoft has commented on the story yet, and while Sony’s generosity is certainly possible it is important to remember that these stories all rely on the veracity of a single reddit post."

If true then that's really cool. If false then that single reddit poster has some explaining to do.

nosferatuzodd1892d ago

Oh boy, I tell tell this is going to be hot, Microsoft is in the hot seat again,well let's just sit back and read the comments it's going to be a hell of a show and has a demon I like hell lol

Heisenburger1892d ago

Well said.


#Charlie #itsalwayssunny

admiralvic1892d ago

It's a shame that things like this sometimes get "forgotten" along the way.

MightyNoX1892d ago

Micrsoft knows their audience and knows them well. They're after people similar to Jimmy from GTAV. They really didn't give a flying eff about people without internet, other nationalities or the military. It's only after they took a beating in the Pre-orders that they reversed that policy. Do you really think they'd give a hoot if you're handicapped person?

That statement is 100% correct. Note that I did not use $ and yet I will still get a few phantom disagrees. So many Microsoft fanboys craving the adoration of an unloving master.

ebreda1892d ago

Yes, MS clearly doesn't want money from lots of people.

MightyNoX1892d ago

"Yes, MS clearly wanted money from US market only."

^ fixed for you.

DeadManIV1891d ago

MS wants lots of money from casual gamers, they want the xbone to be the new Wii (which sold monstrously) - but at $500 a pop, it ain't happening.

LackTrue4K1892d ago

a large part of me wished they had kept the DRM, just to see its side affects in gaming.

I have no hate towards Microsoft, but what was promises/showed @ E3 could of helped more then all the changes/180's they have done in the last months.

Nocando1892d ago

Ugh,how many times do I have to read insipid, echo chamber statements like yours? At least make it entertaining.

kratos_TheGoat1892d ago

gamer enjoy both, I know I will

Fishy Fingers1892d ago

Perfect world, of course. But it's alright to have a favourite. Just don't be a d*** about the other to justify it.

MightyNoX1892d ago

Gamer, will enjoy a PS4, Wii U and PC. No gamer picks up the Xbox One. Here's hoping this is where MS' last stop.

kratos_TheGoat1892d ago

so gamer don't want to play halo, forza, gear of war, fable, kI etc
stop trolling those are ms killer app

Nabbic1892d ago

Not really, no.
Lionhead said they have no plans for a fully fledged Fable 4... What's being offered is a spin off dungeon crawler that's already been exhausted.
Forza... Forza isn't even that good. I don't think I've heard anyone argue that Forza is a fantastic 10/10 system seller, until Microsoft announced it for their launch title. Now everyone is Forza everything.

And has anyone ever played the original Killer Instinct? It was... Meh. Sure, it was fun, but it was severely outshone by other fighting games at the time. There's a reason it didn't become a cornerstone franchise for Rare.
Halo was okay. Not 10/10 amazing, but okay. The multiplayer was fun, though it was very casual, just like CoD... I've always enjoyed shooters with challenge, like RSV2 and ARMA. Socom and MAG are better shooters overall in comparison to Halo, too.
And that was Bungie Halo. Bungie were capable of making good games... Hell, I really respect Bungie (what I don't respect, however, is that the Halo series is full of plotholes and is practically a ripoff of Ringworld and Consider Phlebas). But now Halo has been passed to 343 and good god, they can't make a good game to save their life.
GoW is... Meh. I have no major complaints about that one and I respect if people enjoy it, but it's literally leaving the Xbox with one killer franchise.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, last generation Microsoft focused their money into timed exclusives and third party exclusives. This is why there are few notable IPs Microsoft own.
Sony focused on first party. As a result, there was a slow start, but now Sony have a range of IPs that rival Sega (Sega actually have the best range of IPs, they just never use them... How come there's not another Jet Set Radio game?).

tl;dr = Microsoft have very few killer franchises that aren't ruined or have always been terrible, and this is coming from someone who owns a 360 and was an Xbox fan at the start of gen 7.

BlackTar1871892d ago (Edited 1892d ago )

Calm Down MightyNox.

Xbone is still a solid system and will ahve fun games. choosing to buy an Xbone doesn't make you any less of gamer.

Ps4 and Xbone will provide hrs of enjoyment to me and many others.

boneso821892d ago

"Gamer", will enjoy whatever platform is their favourite, be it Playstation, Xbox, wiiU, PC, tablet, mobile whatever. Who are you to dictate what a "gamer" is by what platform they game on or how many platforms they choose/can afford to purchase?

You should change your name to kratos_TheGloat

kratos_TheGoat1892d ago

lol by your info i been got a wii u dumb ass

redcar1211892d ago

Maybe voice recognition could help disabled gamers they could give voice commands I hope they help them

boneso821892d ago

How many games do you play with your legs? The gamer in the article was in a wheelchair... How would voice commands be advantageous to him exactly? Lol

redcar1211892d ago

His only in a wheel chair never read post thought he was fully disable there a guy who plays sf4 with his mouth check him out on youtube im not trolling this guy should be happy

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