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The future Of Pokemon: What lies beyond Pokemon X and Y?

With Pokemon X and Y set for release this week, it's an exciting time to be a Pokemon fan. Not only are these adventures the first proper 3D main-series titles, but they also bring a brand new generation of Pokemon, the new Fairy-type, competitive gameplay tweaks, Mega Evolution and a lot, lot more. To say the sixth generation is a big deal would be an understatement. (3DS, Culture, Pokemon X and Y)

ApolloTheBoss  +   442d ago
Kinda off topic but *Spoiler Alert*!!

Mega Tyranitar Y and Mega Aggron X Revealed!

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TripC50  +   442d ago
Yeah but have you seen mega pinsir? Head over to serebii.net
Ohlmay  +   442d ago
3D Pokemon Open World MMO exclusive to the Wii U please?
Einhert  +   442d ago
would buy a Wii U for that 100% just for that game
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DestinyHeroDoomlord  +   442d ago
Pokèmon Z duh...
Einhert  +   442d ago
the third legendary is called Zygarde so Z is technically parts of these games already lol
HexxedAvenger  +   442d ago
After the obvious Z, it would be cool for a 3D trip to Kanto/Johto or Hoenn.
Kran  +   442d ago
A Pokemon Wii U/MMO game is what a lot of people want.

I find it annoying when I get some fans who go: "No. Keep it handheld"

So.. in otherwords, keep it so minimal... :/

With a console release or an MMO of sorts, there's so much room for Pokemon. Expansions with new regions and Pokemon, maybe story where you can choose what direction your character goes with their Pokemon.

I honestly think Game Freak are just being lazy and that's why they don't want Pokemon on consoles. Too much work for them.

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