Gamesradar- The Wolf Among Us review - Episode 1: Faith

GR:One of the first scenes in The Wolf Among Us has you saving a prostitute from Little Red Riding Hood's drunken Woodsman. You're the Big Bad Wolf, Woodie is belligerent, and she's having a rough night. You toss him around using quick-time events, bash him in the head by pounding on the shoulder buttons, and then tumble out a window with the nigh indestructible plaid-wearing brute. Then, after he limps away mumbling about cutting you open and filling your belly with rocks, you're able to offer the woman money so that she doesn't go back to her pimp empty-handed. You have no reason to do it, but you also have no reason not to; it's just a choice you can make to shape the kind of person you want Bigby Wolf to be. When it comes down to it, that's what The Wolf Among Us is really all about.

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