Capcom Has A HUGE 75% Off Sale To Celebrate Their 30th Anniversary

Capcom is celebrating their 30th anniversary and is kicking it off by offering a monster sale on their games.

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3-4-51830d ago

That would be cool if I had a controller for my PC.

DoctorJones1830d ago

If you've got a 360 or ps3 controller you can use that.

3-4-51830d ago

Does any 360 controller work ? They are all wireless. Would I just use the usb charger thing or what?

I feel lame for not trying this out sooner.

DoctorJones1829d ago

Well with the wireless controllers I'll be honest in saying I've never used one with the pc, it's my understanding that you'd need a receiver for the wireless to connect to the pc. A (very) quick look on Ebay gave me these results -

Which seem quite inexpensive, but obviously you'd need to read up a bit more on them to work out what would be best.

Otherwise, if you've got a ps3 controller handy then Motionjoy is reliable and can be set up to use as a 360 controller.

I've used both a 360 (wired) and ps3 controller and haven't really had any problems, but if I had a wireless controller I don't think it would take much to get it up and running.

Hope I've helped, even if it wasn't a great help lol :)

darthv721830d ago

get a 360 one. works really well on the PC.

AliTheSnake11830d ago

360 controller for a fighting game is worse than using the keyboard.

Boody-Bandit1830d ago

I have a modified stick that works on the PC, 360 and PS3. There are several places that sell them but they aren't cheap. I just downloaded SFxT from Steam last week for $10. Couldn't pass it up for that price although I already own it for the PS3 and 360.

Fighting games to me are like Pokémon ;)

AbortMission1830d ago

Dude, bad BAD choice with buying Sf X T

Activemessiah1830d ago

ah yes... any money going their way is essential these days...

BobBelcher1830d ago

Is this like a "going out of business sale?"

BobBelcher1830d ago

only 152 million? Yeah, it's a "going out of business" sale.

HighResHero1830d ago (Edited 1830d ago )

Nah, 30% of their on disc dlc and street fighter character colors are 70% off or something


I shouldn't be picking on Capcom too much though.
They didn't start this stuff until other companies created an environment where this kind of underhandedness might have been necessary in order to survive.
As far as I know.

SnakeCQC1830d ago

I wish they'd do a complete package for a decent price

NarooN1830d ago

I would probably take advantage of this if they weren't such a scumbaggish company.